Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Out of Focus.

Things around here have been a little out of focus lately...
What with the computer being gone and all...
But thanks for being patient with me. I am blogging from home tonight and boy does it feel good! I have all new pictures of Mabel to post and will try to do so tomorrow. I have pictures from the kids' birthday party and lots of other things that have been happening around here.

Speaking of what's been happening around here--
without a computer, the truth is, I have had time to truly put my focus on things that are important. So maybe we aren't out of focus around here at all.
I think it's completely the opposite.

I have so much to share. So many thoughts. So many new things.
It's so good to be back...sharing with you all and doing what I love.
See you tomorrow!!!


Tiffany said...

I've missed you!! Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

You have definitely been missed!! I'm glad your computer is back up & running. Can't wait to see new pictures of the kiddos!