Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wedding days.

This weekend was eventful. It taught me much about myself. Some of our friends who live far away came to town and it was great to see them and spend time with their families. It's always special to get old friends together. It also reminds me of how different our lives are now then when we began our friendships years ago. We are married, have children and believe different things. We have all grown and changed in different ways and it is a blessing to express it to one another.
I loved getting dressed up and enjoying time with my husband. Typically he comes home from work and I am still wearing the clothes that I put on for bed the night before. He's lucky if I've brushed my teeth and I definitely haven't touched my hair. He adores me even still, which I love, but it is always special to put on make up, curl my hair and feel a little sassy.
We got to show off our newest girl. She was the star everywhere we went, but you'd never know it. Her sweet personality leaves her content just sharing eyes with me.
...oh and her dad...
She's a gentle light in my life and I am absolutely in awe of her each day.
Being a part of this wedding was so special to our hearts. Danielle has been like a little sister to me for many years and when Brendon came into her life he came into ours as well. I loved watching them date and fall madly in love.
This weekend sparked a little love in my heart for my own guy too.
Their wedding was a 50's theme. The girls wore black veils in our hair and I loved it. I have always loved being in costume--
drama, plays, musicals, swing choir.
Anytime that I could dress up, I did!
You never woulda known, huh?
Danielle looked beautiful and Nora thought so too!
Daddy looked pretty good in his uniform too. He had to shave his face for the first time in 3 years. It was weird at first; I couldn't watch him do it. One of our girls came with us to the wedding...
...and the other came to the reception.
And we just enjoyed them both so much.
We enjoyed one another so much.
We enjoyed the wedding SO much!
It was a great weekend with so much love and although it was chaotic at times, the Holy Spirit was in our midst. He is the Lord of our lives and it was so neat to be surrounded and to feel His presence directing everything that went on.

Danielle & Brendon,
We love you both more than you know. We are so happy for you and proud of you. It was an honor to stand with you both as you became one and we cannot wait to be a part of this journey that is now your life together. God has awesome things in store and although things may get tough at times, I know you will turn to the Lord and pull through with grace. We love you.

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