Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday.

When I was pregnant with Mabel, I displayed my belly picture every week on Wednesdays. You all got to see the progression of my growing belly and read my updates about how my body was changing and expanding.

Now, in this journey of weight loss I want to share with you how it's going each week as well. Along with recipes that we are eating and tips that I want to share, I hope to bring some encouragement to your own journey. Try to remember that it's a beautiful && wonderful thing to be in the midst of the journey and to truly appreciate it for all it can do for you.

Weight upon leaving the hospital 6 wks ago: 164
Weight as of today (6 wks. postpartum): 130

A few things that you can do to push you at the beginning of a weight loss journey:
*Drink Water.
Lots & Lots of water.
*Spend the money and buy new tennis shoes. & don't feel guilty.
You need good shoes so have your feet measured at a shoe store and have them check the positioning of your feet when you walk. They will fit you with the perfect shoe for walking, running or biking--whichever you prefer.
My stress fracture has bothered me for 2 years every time I have walked even a short distance. I broke down and purchased these shoes last week after having my feet examined at a shoe store and haven't had one bit of pain since. It is literally a miracle; one I wish I would have looked into long ago. I could have prevented a serious injury.
*Take the time to make good food.
Research recipes that are high in protein, low in calories and that are satisfying. Don't deprive yourself of good food that you enjoy. Find tricks that will help you trade out fattening ingredients for substitutes that are better for you.
*Eat dessert.
Really. eat it. Keep in mind that almost anything is ok in moderation.
Take this for example:
Do you like peanut butter? Honey?
A 200 calorie delicious dessert?
If so just combine 3/4 cup peanut butter and 3/4 cup of honey in a large pot; cook over medium-low heat until they are melted or about 3 minutes. Add 6 cups of crispy brown rice cereal and some dried cherries if you wish ( I didn't). stir until sticky! Then press into a 9x13 inch pan coated with cooking spray and chill in the fridge for 40 minutes. Cut into 15 squares and enjoy.
Each square is 200 calories--no joke!

Oh & ladies if you want to lose weight you can't be afraid to:
-walk far & fast.
-leave your husband and kids behind while you exercise. It's ok--they'll be there in a half hour when you get back. Break away. Just break away.
-sweat. alot.
-sweat some more.
-eat less. It's ok. You're tummy will adjust. You can't eat until you're full every time and expect to lose weight. It takes cutting back a little and it will be ok. promise.
-buy some new workout clothes when you hit your first goal. And then again when you hit your second. If you feel good when you're working out it's proven that you are more likely to go further, push longer and work harder.
-Enjoy this time. Don't be afraid to embrace yourself in the here and now. You're beautiful already so your goal should be to feel strong, lean, and healthy.

Now you weigh in!--
What is your favorite work out and why?


It's not unusual to be loved by anyone said...

Oh Ramee i am always open for some new tips and tricks how to loose weight. I lost about 26 pounds over the last 1,5 years. But in the last months i gained a lot bc i don't have enought time to cook and eat healthy ( i know that's no excuse).
My favourite sport is aquagymnastics..we did some Tai-Bo stuff under water..with weights and i felt so good after one hour of this( i did it twice a week). The other favourite sport is Step Aerobic..i did it once a week for over a year but i now it's not working with my i quit it.
I am thinking about a Pilates course ....

Amanda said...

I love walking and tennis. I love the energized burn in my muscles after a workout. I also ordered this book from Amazon that I'm super excited to get. The Eat Clean Diet for family. Lots of healthy, unprocessed foods.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you for these tips! I'm going to try and follow them and I will look forward to your Wednesday posts. I would love to lose some weight!!!