Monday, September 6, 2010

1st Ever Night Before School Supper [a success!]

Our Night Before School supper was a huge success. It was so much fun preparing and sharing in this special time with our family.
The theme I chose for our very first celebration dinner was-
I believe the greatest things that our children could learn are to operate in the fruits of the spirit every single day. I also believe it takes everyone around them doing the same so that they have multiple models for their own behavior.

I gave Daniel an idea for a centerpiece for the table and he went to work, creating a beautiful "home" that resembles our own. Nora helped and she was mighty proud of this little house...

I wanted everyone to walk away with a "prayer reminder block." My hope is that by looking at this block every day they will remember to pray over the children and for myself as we are learning Godly traits...

On the menu (from my beautiful fall kitchen) was:
Carrots with dip.
Chocolate chip dip with grahm cracker sticks.
Chips & Salsa.
Lasagna & Garlic Bread.
...and it was DELICIOUS if I do say so myself...

Looking back, I remember very clearly when my mom decided to homeschool Jake. I also remember the many people who criticized her for doing so. She didn't have much support but she did have the support that she needed from her own mom and dad which, I believe, makes all the difference in the world.

Daniel and I would still make the same choices if they didn't support us, but we know that we never have to worry about that. My parents are behind us in every choice we make and I am beyond thankful. They have no idea how much it means to know that we can all stand together in this journey. It literally takes an army to raise up children of God for battle against this world and I feel confident that we are well equipped to teach them because of the strong support system that we have. It is a blessing that can never be explained in adequate words.

Nanny brought "first day of school" gifts for the kids...

....and they were sure excited!
She also brought a gift for Daniel & I. Binders for each child so that I can keep notes of their work and progress, goals for myself through the year and whatever else I may just need to write. She also gave us a really gorgeous (and special) plate with scripture on it that is now sitting in the school room.

I feel the Holy Spirit all over this journey. From the very idea of homeschooling our children to actually doing it, God's hand has been viligently at work in us. We still have far to go, but I know that He will continue to mold us into wise parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and teachers. I love living in the will of God and knowing that the fruit of our labor for the lives of these children will produce a wonderful harvest someday!

The first day of school didn't exactly go as I had envisioned. I ended up having to take Mabel to the ER in the middle of the night due to a little fever. Her blood work came back perfect so we assume she has a little cold. Thankfully daddy was off of work today for Labor Day and so he got to do 'Circle Time' with the kids this morning while I slept. Nora and I just finished her school work a little while ago and she did great and learned alot already today. Before even starting her actual school work she got to spend time with daddy and poopaw on the tractor, getting wood ready for this winter. She is learning so many neat things and I am enjoying it as much as she is!!!

Prayers for Mabel are appreciated and your love and support in our school journey makes me so thankful for your friendship!!! Have a blessed Labor Day; enjoy a moment of rest and relaxation...
until tomorrow, friends.


Ashleigh said...

Best wishes on your new and exciting schooling adventure!

It's not unusual to be loved by anyone said...

Hey Ramee,
you did such a great job with decorating the house for the first school day of your kids..and the menu sounds yummy.
I think homeschooling is a wonderful germany it's not allowed but if i had the choice i would do it to.
How do you go on now??? How do you know what to teach and what they should learn at their age??
Sending prayers for Mabel..hope she gets well soon.