Sunday, September 19, 2010

At this exact moment...

Our Sunday morning living room is a mess.
Toys, dog, doughnuts, redheads and more toys adorn the floor.
We must have needed sleep because all of us (minus Braden) slept late and missed church. But I feel refreshed after being up with the lady a time or two more than usual.
She currently looks pretty yummy.
(Did I mention she's close to 10 pounds now?)
The redheads have been watching daddy split wood out the front window-
And I was sneaking a peek or two myself;)
What's happening on your Sunday?


Ashleigh said...

I love the picture of them looking out at Daniel. Sunday is almost over for us but our exciting event of the day was adopting a black and brown wiener dog named Bella. She is so sweet and calm and at the moment she is curled up next to me. And we had some delicious stuffed shells and garlic bread for dinner <3

It's not unusual to be loved by anyone said...

My living room looks like yours every sunday morning and we are only two don't worry.
Sylvio came yesterday afternoon bc he was on a military celebration in the netherlands on friday and saturday. So i baked a choclate cake and we made it comfy on the coach.