Friday, September 17, 2010

He shows up.

You know what's amazing about God?
He shows up.
Last night Mabel rolled over officially for the first time. Twice. Right in front of my eyes. It was a beautiful site to see-this tiny baby using her own strength to accomplish a mighty big thing.
And that reminded me:
We really don't have to use our own strength to do anything. No matter how big it may seem to us, the Lord is there. He will roll us. He will push us. He will show up.
He never fails to do so.
Sometimes we feel so tiny in comparison to the things that seem so big and overwhelming in our lives. But, God is a BIG God. He is a capable and wonderful Lord.
And He will show up.

This season of my life reminds me of each season after I had a new baby. I see God in new and different ways and I express it much more simple than I have before. It's refreshing really.
This season in my life is also quite different than any other. I am not involved at church because I have a new baby and don't want to commit to something that I will have to back out of. I am not making it to many services because the kids wont stay in the nursery and it's a huge battle to get them all ready and try to fight them through the whole service (while feeding Mabel nonetheless.) Daniel is still playing worship but I know he feels a little disconnected too. I try to look forward and stay focused on the fact that this truly is just a season in our lives and we will be plugged back in soon enough. The Lord created this season, after all. And I believe as long as I am staying focused on Him, He will pull my heart through this time with ease and grace.
I believe He will continue to show up--
In this home, in our children, in our friendships, in our marriage...
And as long as He keeps coming, I will keep coming. I am completely desperate for my Jesus. I am intensely in love with Him and am impressed by my children's desire as well. I love teaching them the word and hearing them recite it back to me. I am fulfilled on a whole new level during this season. The Lord shows up in my heart every day because I seek Him. And I look for Him. And...I happen to see Him in it all...
Do you?
What season of life are you in right now & do you feel the Lord showing up? If so, how?

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