Monday, September 27, 2010

Mabel is swinging in her swing. Her music is playing and she is watching her mobile contently. All I can see from my view is her head of dark hair. I adore her little head. I adore her little hands. I am in love with this lady.
Braden is walking through the house singing. He has a deep, raspy voice that is much different than any other young boy's voice you will hear. He hums tunes all the live long day and I cherish that he is so musically talented already.
Nora is playing with her bag of ponies. She looks so grown up yet plays like such a little girl. I love that she has imaginary friends now and has chosen such unique names for all of them. I think she is entertained greatly every day.
The house is noisy with the bustle of laundry and sounds of children. Candles are burning and the windows are open. There is a deep chill in the air as our week starts here in the middle of Illinois. With the wind blowing in, I am reassured of the new things that God is blowing into our lives as well. It is a sweet, gentle reminder of new things to come and as my cheek is pressed by the comfort of the wind, my spirit is pressed with urgency to stay in the center of God's will.
You see, it feels pretty perfect here.

This weekend we enjoyed some interesting moments. For instance, Nora has been really enjoying her scissors since school started. Last week sometime she cut her nightgown and somehow managed to sneak the scissors upstairs to her room where she went to town on her comforter. When we found it, the stuffing was covering her floor and all I could do was laugh. Every little girl that I know has experimented with scissors and their own hair at one time or another. I thought the comforter brought her enough of a rush that we may avoid the hair cutting situation, but no such luck. So after a noticeable gap in the side of her beautiful red hair, mommy put my hidden cosmetology skills to use and fixed it up a bit. I texted daddy to break the news to him gently (seeing as to how he wasn't too thrilled the first time Aunt Jeni cut Nora's hair...)
When he called and said he liked it, I was relieved. He asked who cut it and I answered, "I did. But don't worry. Everything I do-I do well."
He laughed. Her hair looks really cute. Crisis averted.

Saturday night we went to my grandma and grandpa's annual wiener roast. It ended up pouring cold rain the entire time. The kids and I spent the evening in the house and although it was fun, it wasn't the same as a good old fashion fall cookout. We didn't even get to have the hay-rack-ride. But grandpa reassured Braden that we could go out sometime this week and he'd take us all on one anyway. We're looking forward to it.

Mabel is such a sweet miracle. Everything about her just oozes comfort and peace. She is a quiet awakening to my spirit. However, I have to admit that even since the beginning of my pregnancy with Mabel the enemy has tried to come in and steal my peace. Even now, I find myself fearful over this child. I find myself coming against the enemy daily and standing strong on Isaiah 41:10-
"Do not fear for I am with you, do not be dismayed for I am your God..."
I can't explain the kind of fear I have. I do not know why I have it other than Mabel is called for the will of God and she is claimed for His kingdom. We know this is true just as it is with our other children and we believe great things for her future. In the meantime I will continue to come against the enemy when he entangles himself in my thinking.

We are always in a spiritual battle, friends. Sometimes it is more exhausting to be aware of it, but it's always more beneficial. After all we have to wear the armor of God and fight on the behalf of our children, our friends, our family and ourselves. Let us all have ears that hear today
and hear the voice of triumph in our King Jesus!

Remember you have until WEDNESDAY morning to email me or message me your work-out hours from this past week. We will be totalling them sometime Wednesday evening!!! Thanks for all your emails and all of your hard work. You will be greatly blessed!


Sarah said...

Could your children seriously get any more adorable? I mean, come on!! Nora's haircut looks too cute and Mabel reminds me so much of Nora, especially in the eyes. They are all gorgeous!

I'm sad to say, but I have only walked an hour this week. It's been a busy one for us...Johnny is gone ALL THE TIME! He will be leaving us soon until the 15th of October and we just found out that he has duty on Halloween. :( Prayers would be great right now as I am starting to feel as a if I am a single parent. It's hard and it's starting to get to me. I'm trying to be strong and accept that this is our life, but its just hard!

Enjoy this Fall weather! It's supposed to be in the triple digits for us today!! ugh!

It's not unusual to be loved by anyone said...

I am always wondering if Mabel looks more like Braden or more like Nora...but i think she has Nora's eyes....she is such a blessing.