Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday's randoms.

* I hate how the house never quite feels clean enough.

* I love how Mabel looks in a hoodie; sleeping.
* I rode my bike 7 miles a couple days ago. This random old man flew past me on his bike and that really put things in perspective. I'll get better...

* I love Kool-Aid singles for my water bottles. Mmmmm.

* Braden. is. yummy.
* Nora has a new imaginary friend. Her name is Jayna. I'm pretty proud of her for coming up with that. Jayna lives in "Heaven" and comes to visit her every day. She has red hair too.

* We have the very first week of school under our belt and it feels great. It feels like we've been doing this home-school thing forever!
* Mabel truly is a little more fussy these days. She likes to fuss or cry for anyone except me. She won't take a bottle or a binky so I am officially the only person & thing that will sooth her.
* I'm letting my hair grow. Have I mentioned that on here yet? I'm determined to do it, so motivate me (please.) Pictures, advice, etc. would be great!

* Daniel got the job interview! Sept. 22 at 1:00 pm is the time to pray!!!

* Spent some time with my 2 longest friends yesterday. It was great. They make me proud to know that we have overcome so much, been through so much and yet continue to find friendship and comfort in each other...
* I spent some time stacking wood with Daniel this weekend. I enjoyed it.

* I'm feeling a little flirty with him lately. Fall seems to be our prime time for love--seeing as to how we have all summer babies. Hm. I will definitely flirt a lot less this year;)

* Planning on going to the pumpkin patch this week.

* Am thankful to love a Jesus who Nora describes as follows:
"Jesus is not a girl. But he DOES have long hair like a girl. And it's black hair."
...and He's my beautiful obsession...

* I'm feeling really good about the house, the kids, myself, my marriage and life.
Life is good. It's really, really good.
I mean, could it not be?
"Blessed are they who keep His statutes and seek Him with all their heart."
Psalm 119:2


Tiffany said...

You look gorgeous, girl! And I am growing my hair, too! Ha! It has been forever, We can be each others support/encouragement/accountability, ok? Love your post as always!

Firecracker said...

Just told my husband the same thing about growing out my hair, I get so many compliments about being a redhead! Praise God for our uniqueness!

brandy said...

I have to say I read your blog tonight.. we just found out we are having another girl.. and I'm obsessing with finding a girls name.. so when you said your daughters imaginary friend.. I immedietly had to look up the meaning! :) Thanks for another name idea! Love all the sweet pics of mabel she is growing but yet so sweet and tiny still!