Monday, September 20, 2010

Pumpkin Patch-a love tradition.

Fall is our love season.
It is the season of our first kiss. The season of hoodies and flirting.
[In the past] it seems to be the season of baby making.

Yesterday as we were driving to the pumpkin patch on the same day that we have the past 4 years, I couldn't believe how excited I was. It feels like just yesterday that rather than a van full of children, we simply had one little redhead. And then my mind flashed to when we took Braden when he was a mere 13 days old. And yet this year, we were taking a new baby. A dark haired, gentle lady. We held hands all the way and I glanced over at my husband a time or two. Sometimes I am in disbelief that this truly is the life that God has given us.
A Boy & his Boots-
Plaid shirts & baby bows.
(almost) Irish redheaded twins.
I am more in love now than I ever have been before with this man. He is more than just the father of my children. He is a great daddy. One who has always taken pride in his babies and never felt ashamed of showing them off at every chance-
I am more in love than ever before because my children give me such a deep sense of purpose. They look stunning in the fall, with the fire hot sun shining down on their simple red roots. It's a beautiful thing to see the love of their father & I in their faces.
This year I couldn't help but be more in love with Nora than ever before because she is so beautiful. But besides just being beautiful, she is so smart and I find that she is truly enjoying the little things in life-which has always been a goal of mine-to teach them just that.
The pumpkins were gorgeous yesterday and that alone sparked my inner lover. I mean, who doesn't like a plump, juicy, fresh pumpkin. There is something about it's exterior that is calming to my spirit.
Yesterday was not all hearts and unicorns. We had a rough time getting our act together to even get in the van to start our love tradition. And even while we were there, we had typical moments like this:
...but that is specifically the reason I feel so much love today. Because moments like this are our normal. They are our life. They are the exact thing that makes this family unique; and I am thankful--even in breakdown moments.

I love my new fall hair color...
...and his beautiful e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.
I love seeing the innocence and joy of being 3.
...and knowing that this experience will bring them happiness and love just like it does me.
I love running redheads.
...and darling darkheads...
I love smiles and blue eyes atop the haystack.
And I am thankful for traditions that our family has started and continues to carry out year after year. I pray deeply that our children will cherish them as much as their daddy and I do.
For some reason everything looks a little better in the fall. My husband is even more handsome than usual, the kids (and their bad attitudes) are adorable, and the house smells wonderful. Like I mentioned before, last week was not a good one. My patience ran thin and I felt like there was no climbing out of the pit of impatience. And then I made it a priority to carry out our love tradition. I made it a priority to come home and love on my husband a little. I whispered in his ear before we fell asleep that we only have one chance to be effective parents and that I desperately want to get it right.
He agreed. And we slept.

And this morning, I awakened to 2 little girls laying in my big bed with a sweet brother to follow. I didn't feel impatient or frustrated.
I felt love.
Sweet autumn love.

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It's not unusual to be loved by anyone said...

Oh can be so proud to have such a wonderful family ( and i know you are )and you are so blessed.
The pictures turned out great..i really love autumn with all of his colours and smells. I just decorated my house with some pumkins..leaves and cinnamon-candles.