Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rain & Cramps.

I'm not feeling great today. It's rainy outside and not a cool rain. One that causes the entire house to feel sticky and my bones to ache. My tailbone and leg especially. I hate to complain. But it's just not a pretty morning outside.

Inside, however...
...well that's another story altogether.
This little lady's brother is teasing Heidi with a light wand. The dog sees the light and chases it, scratches it, and barks at it. It is quite entertaining.
This little lady's sister is still sleeping. She's always still sleeping. She's not much for mornings.
And her?
What is she doing at this exact moment??
Laying next to me crying a little. But rest assured--the second I pick her up, she'll stop. She may even look up at me and grin a bit.
She was up a lot last night just kinda playing. She wanted to make some noises, kick her little legs, nurse a little, then not nurse a little, burp, fart--but never cry. She's not a night cryer.
This little lady's daddy is at work. He passed his first test for the new job he's hoping to get. Interviews to come next week! His email said, "You are highly recommended for this position."
Could you continue to pray for God's will over our lives?
And me?
Well I just picked up Mabel so she could stare at me for awhile and find her greatest happiness. It's like she thinks she was created just to look at me; her mommy.
And I stare back. Alot. Because she is so unbelievably delightfully gorgeous.
But right now I am dreading tomorrow a bit. I think that my womanly cycle is regulating itself and I am fixing to endure the first of it later tonight or in the morning. It's enough to make me wanna lay down and cry for the entire day.
But I won't. At least not yet. Because although it is gloomy outside, it is sure beautiful in here. A boy on the table, a doggy in the window, a brunette in my lap and a redhead in bed.
Life is sweet sweet sweet.
Rain or shine.
Cramps or no cramps.

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