Saturday, September 18, 2010

Recap of my week...

So I dyed my hair (and extensions) yesterday. It's a little more fallish but you know as well as I do that it won't last. For a few days maybe.
Nora and I learned alot in school this week. Something I love about homeschooling is the flexibility. She is so far ahead of what we are doing most days but when it comes to doing crafts or cooking, I can see that she really enjoys it. This week we talked about Jacob (Genesis 27:1-35) and so she got to make a craft showing how Jacob put on his brother's clothes and goatskin to make himself more hairy.
We read the story everyday but yesterday she got this funny look on her face.
"Mom, they ate goats? Why would they do that? That's disgusting."
She is so intuitive and quick. I love teaching her.
She is going to read this year, I can already tell and that excites me. School will be so easy and fun when she can read!!!

Last night we took the kids out to grandma Donna and grandpa Dan's house. Braden got new boots so he needed to be in the country. They ran and ran and ran. It was a really good time. I made chili for everyone and Mabel just smiled and cooed at grandma and I. Then we came home and it was a rather long night. I am so thankful for good, strong coffee in the mornings.

Tomorrow is our annual pumpkin patch day! As long as the weather's nice we are going to try and go again. I cannot wait! The kids always love it and I will get what I need to decorate the front of the house. That's all that needs the touch of fall seeing as I've had the rest of the house done for awhile.

Nora to Braden yesterday: "Bubby, say hi to Jayna!"
Braden to me yesterday: "Mom, Im sick and a tired of it!"
I have gagged and almost thrown up a few times this week. Some examples of why?:
When I wake up, walk into the bathroom and Heidi has peed and pooped all together in a beautiful stinky, swirl of a mess.

When Heidi pukes in the middle of the floor, I dont see it and step in it. Then I have to clean it up.

Or when I have to clean up any random mess on the carpet because if I haven't said it before I'll tell you now--I hate using a towel and rubbing it on the carpet. Cloth on Cloth. No good for me. It's like nails on a chalkboard...

Oh & to top off my week, Braden just hurt his toe. He wanted me to kiss it but "NOT LIKE THAT! Here, mom, I'll show you!" So apparently I can't even kiss his toe boo-boo correctly. Makes a person feel good inside...

Happy weekend, friends!!!

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It's not unusual to be loved by anyone said...

Hey Ramee...the new fall colour looks great. I got my hair done a few weeks ago and choosed the colour called "Dark Choclate" with light blond highlights.
I love how funny your kids are...