Thursday, September 30, 2010

Results of work out week!

It is no secret that I have some of the best friends and best readers around. You have such big hearts and I am so pleased to know you!
About ten people got back to me with recorded hours of work-out time for our Work-Out-Week to bring baby J Home.
Some people worked out 8 hours or more and some worked out less than one. Every bit counts and it shows!
Just with your hours alone, we raised about 64 dollars!!!
Daniel and I will be rounding up a bit and sending some extra cash to Tiffany and Jim to make it a more even number [[wink wink]]. I truly am so thankful to all of you who participated and helped with the cause. Keep reading because you'll have a few more chances to help coming up in the (near) future!

We have been busy taking part in lots of fall activities lately. Fall brings out the dark in me.
Colors that is.
My hair, nails, and clothes reflect a side of myself that I adore. A cozy, warm-hued and warm hearted side. Everything I love about life is wrapped up into these few fall days that sneak by so quickly before the cold, lonely winter sets in.
We have been hay-rack riding, homeschooling (post coming soon on that) and parading! This weekend we will be heading back to the pumpkin patch for family fun day and maybe also to the circus. Busy times make for special memories if we don't let the activities get in the way of the Creator.
Last night's homecoming parade proved to be pretty special for the kids although Daniel & I felt especially old. We realized that we don't know any of the kids in high school anymore. It's an eery feeling.
It's so nice to be in our hometown and share in these simple traditions with the kids. Knowing how our life could have been--living far away, moving every other year and not being with our family--makes us glad that we made the choice that we did to get out of the military and raise our children at home. This town truly is home.
I have alot to share and yet the house is busy with talking, movement, crying, fighting and laughter today. I feel that I should get to mothering and cleaning and spend time writing later. So on that note, thanks again for all your hard work and help this week!

"Whoever is generous lends to the Lord, and He will repay him for his deed!"
Proverbs 19:17

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Tiffany said...

Oh, Ramee - thank you. I am so humbled and blessed by your friendship even though we have never met, never talked. Thank you for your kindness to our family.