Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thoughts&big news.

The hustle of life begins at 7 am. Even if I am still in bed, next to my lady, I can hear the world wake up at 7. The sun steps over the horizon and shines through our window causing me to pull the covers up higher than before.
Mornings are a mix of rush and reverence. On one end I want to rest, holding my newborn tightly as she nurses and falls back to sleep...
On the other end, there is a boy. A boy who needs my full attention and requires nothing less. His demands cause me to lose focus of that time in which I could spend quietly loving on the Lord or Mabel.
But I know that meeting his needs are important as well. They may be more aggressive, but emotionally he needs the morning mommy too.
Naturally, I enjoy this time. This pajama party time when the house is cool and the kids are cozy. I enjoy coffee and quiet. Or not so quiet. I wait patiently for my oldest to shimmy down the stairs to start her day-but it is much later than the others. I anticipate my time alone with her after brother's shift ends for the morning and he cozies back into bed for the afternoon.
Time is moving quickly. It is breezing by like a whirlwind romance. The children are moving, changing, growing in front of my eyes.
Some days are long. Some days are disappointing and frustrating. But some days are a wonderful reflection of myself and the Lord's mercy on my family.
Thanks for praying, friends. Daniel was offered the job that he applied for. We are in the process of making it official and are excited and hopeful for the future!
Remember: It is important that you contact me before tomorrow at NOON about your workout hours. If you dont email me, I can't count them towards our donation for Tiffany and baby J. So please do! I know you've been busy and I can't wait to hear how many of you have participated!!!
Babies crying. Dog barking. Paperwork to do. Dishes. Laundry. Noise. Laughter. Cartoons, Crumbs. Diapers. Yelling. Crying. Dancing. Praying.
Lots to do in our world today. I best get to it.

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