Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday (9-1)

We're up early on this Weigh-In Wednesday.
It's rainy and although dark and gloomy in the house, I really kinda like it.
I'd like it even more if I was still snuggled in my big bed with my little baby.
Instead, I'm wide awake with my second born and unsure why. He's such an early riser. But, I'll soak him in this morning.

This weekend in all of it's busyness proved to be good for my weight loss. I found time to walk even in the midst of the madness and had already walked 4 miles by 7:30 am on Saturday. It just has to be done, I tell myself.
Still no leg pain thanks to my new shoes!!!

Weight upon leaving the hospital 7 weeks ago: 164
Weight last week: 130
Weight today: 127
Total weight loss to date: 37!

My go-to foods this week:
Coffee gets a bad rap but there are so many health benefits that directly impact weight loss! Coffee increases metabolism, can stimulate our brains to perform better athletically, it can help reduce depression and also provides energy that can get you through that morning workout!
Kellogg's Blueberry waffles.
I'm hooked. Have eaten one for breakfast everyday.
Remember how important it is to eat breakfast during weight loss? It also increases metabolism, balances out your moods, gives you energy and can help you lose inches in your waistline. Don't skip breakfast. Fill up!

Subway's Oven roasted chicken breast (6-inch with cheese, lettuce and low fat mayo.)

Diet RC. (or any diet drink).

While losing weight, I always cut out regular soda until I begin maintenance. Then I give myself one Dr. Pepper a day.

Chocolate ice-cream bar.

I am a chocolate lover. It's no secret. So after lunch I get one oreo. And later in the afternoon I eat 1/2 a chocolate bar (and sometimes a whole one). On weight watcher's they are only 2 points so it's totally worth it to me.

Let me remind you, however, that I vowed to eat good food during this process. Although I use weight watcher's online as a basic tool to see where I am on foods and calories for the day, don't think I don't eat what I want. I do! It's incredible to see your body do what you want it to just because you are putting in the work. It's all about hard work.

Cardio is key. It always is. I am currently walking at least 3 miles a day at a fast pace. I mean a can-hardly-talk-while-walking pace. In fact, Becky went with me last night and asked how my legs could go any faster. It needs to be fast enough to get your heart rate up, create resistance for your body and cause you to feel winded and maybe a little sore. I will continue to focus on cardio until I am 5 pounds away from my ultimate goal weight and then I will incorporate more strength training, pilates and weights. Not much longer at the rate we're going!


Have you eaten anything delicious this week? Tell us about it!

"Whatever is worthy of praise, think of these things!" Phil. 4:8


Becky said...

Ok everyone who might possibly sign in to read this...Ramee is a machine when it comes to walking...SERIOUSLY!! Cardio has not ever been a friend to me and Ramee was kind enough to let me join her last night on her walk and here I am walking beside her winded before we had even gotten very far, but I was determined to keep pace and follow through because I knew that Ramee was the one person who could help me where cardio is concerned. HOWEVER has I am walking beside her winded and already sweating she looks over with her sweet blue eyes and tells me oh so very calmly that we are walking slow compared to her normal speed, I asked to see this normal speed and WOW she is fast there was no way I would have been able to keep up with her, not to mention that she normally is pushing a double stroller at that speed...needless to say I was impressed. So to anyone out there who is reading her Wednesday blog when she talks about walking it is definately no Sunday walk in the park. I am proof of that, I am currently sitting here nursing TWO blisters and some really sore hips and thighs. :( But I know this feeling is doing wonderful things to my body so even though I am in a little pain my redheaded friend I thank you for slowing down and helping this cardio-hater get in some much needed excercise. So here goes Weight upon leaving the hopital 6 1/2 weeks ago: 198 Weight last week: 166 Weight today: 163 Total weight loss to date: 35
I will be honest typing that was kind of scary but it feels good at the same time. Now Ramee told me to reward myself for reaching my first goal which was to lose the baby weight which I lost completely a couple weeks ago, so I am off to by some new workout shoes so I will not have blisters after another walk with my favorite redhead!!!

rameelin said...

Aww, Beck I love you! You did great and you're so cute. ♥ Can't wait for you to get some new shoes so we can go again:)

Amy said...

I find this super motivating! I need to get back into the swing of things as far as working out and eating healthier. You have given me great ideas and inspiration! Thank you! :)

It's not unusual to be loved by anyone said...'re always so motivated Ramee. I have no husband at home..but when i come back from work i am done and i have no motivation to do some sports. I eat some unhealthy stuff, watch TV and go to bed..that's my day...everyday. I lost so much weight in the last 12 i am gaining more and more bc i don't do sports and i sit at the dropzone every weekend ( i know that's no excuse ).
Any TIPS????

Jessica Kramasz said...

I was too chicken to step on the scale Wednesday (only one week since Josef was born) but braved it today. 122 - much better than I expected! 7 lbs to lose. I'll weigh in again next week.
PS how do you find time to walk with three small children? I'm lucky to get a daily shower! You are amazing.