Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weigh-In Wednesday (9/15)

Weigh-In Wednesday!!!
I'm starting to like Wednesdays more and more. Whether you enjoy the weekly updates or not, I hope you understand how much it is keeping me accountable to be able to come here and write about my success and frustrations.

I dont think that I have officially typed out my 'goal' in all of this.
I have a couple of different goals and not all of them include a specific number...
--My goal right now in number form would be 115 pounds. My pre-pregnancy weight with Mabel was between 110 and 115 (depending on the day or week that I weighed myself).

--My main focus and goal currently is to be able to fit into my winter clothes from last year. We spent alot of money on clothes when I lost the weight last time and I dont want to turn around and spend the money again. I am determined to fit into those skinny jeans!

--My goal as far as a time frame would be to meet the previous 2 goals by Christmas day.

--Another goal is to feel as strong as I did in my core before having Mabel. I was a pilates instructor, remember? My belly was toned but besides my belly, my legs and butt were toned as well. I'm not as concerned with my tummy as I am with this trouble spot right below my butt...
Weight leaving the hospital 9 weeks ago: 164 pounds.
Weight last week: 126 pounds.
Weight as of today: 124 pounds.
Weight lost to date: 40 pounds.

I gained 50 during the whole pregnancy. I have 9 pounds to go in order to hit my goal weight. If I lose the healthy 1 pound per week I could reach my goal before Thanksgiving. If not, that is ok too. I just want to spend as much time doing cardio outside and losing the majority of the weight while it is nice outside so I dont have to slave away in a gym while it's cold. Once I have reached my goal weight...I will focus more on strength training.
Weights, pilates, lunges, squats, kickboxing, etc.
Although I am doing some of that now, my main focus every day is still cardio.

Speaking of cardio, this week was a little different for me. Here's my workout routine:
Day 1: Walked 5 miles pushing stroller at fast pace; unable to speak while doing so.
Day 2: Rode my bike 6 miles.
Day 3: Walk 5 miles alone. Still at fast pace.
Day 4: Rode my bike 3 miles.
Day 5: Walked 5 miles pushing stroller.
Day 6: Rode my bike 5 1/2 miles.
Day 7: Rest.
** I always try to do some leg lifts, crunches, or balance moves while we're watching TV at night as well.

I'm not a huge fan of riding the bike. However, my leg needs a break after walking and my tailbone needs a break after biking, especially at the distances that I'm going. It's been a good way to switch things up and throw my body into some confusion, thus the 2 pound loss this week. I also saw an article in the weight watchers magazine that talked about training to bike 35 miles in 6 weeks or something like that. You know me and my goals....
...could be a good challenge!

Ok so this week I wanted to just show you an example of what I may eat in one day. This proves that I am not eating unrealistically. Some of it is even downright unhealthy. Well, not unhealthy but not greatly nutritious by any means. For those of you who don't have alot of time to cook for every meal or for the moms who are eating on the run here are just a few examples of how you could eat to possibly see results. I can guarantee you one thing: I am never hungry. I dont let myself feel hunger. I also dont let myself feel extreme fullness which is, I believe, the problem in many people's case. They eat until they are full. How about we re-train our brain to eat until we are satisfied and then stop for that snack or meal?

1 waffle with syrup.
1 banana.
1 cup of coffee.
1 glass of 2 % white milk. Lunch:
6 pizza rolls.
15 (or so) chips.
Diet coke of some sort.
1 oreo for my chocolate fix.
I snack ALL day in small portions. Some examples?
handful of nuts with m&ms
oats and honey granola bar
Seasoned chicken breast; baked or grilled.
Corn on the cob.
Chocolate milk.
(sometimes mac n' cheese, stuffing, or whatever other side I make)
So this is just one example of food that I really would eat on a normal day. I can include other ideas of you're interested. Just email me!!!

So...are you working out?
If so, weigh in--
What is your biggest frustration or struggle right now--either with your workout routine or your body in general?

Happy weight loss, friends!

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MrsHenebry said...

Hey Ramee! AWESOME JOB on the weightloss thus far!!! That rocks!!! I am working out right now, but not with the intention to lose weight....obviously :) During my super morning-sickness-y month I quit working out all together, and now I'm starting to incorporate my nightly walks back in, and hopefully gym trips soon too!!! Best of luck with the rest of your journey, and keep up the great work!!!