Friday, October 8, 2010

Photos from the Phone

Sometimes rather than photographing our activities, I actually enjoy taking part in them. I leave my camera at home and purpose to live life with my family. It is convenient, however, that our phones now have cameras. I am thankful in moments like these:
...and I am thankful that I can send daddy a picture of the kids every morning...
And sometimes me with the kids too.
It gets us through the day while we are apart. And he enjoys seeing what they're up to--you know, in case they happen to have transformed into a tiger while he is away.
I enjoy moments with my family more than anything. Like this hay rack ride that my grandpa took us on. Just us. It was pretty neat.
And although I am thankful for the [thousands] of pictures we have been able to take of our children, I am more thankful and grateful for the memories made in between those photos.
What's on your phone this week?
Blog about it and link to it in my comments section. I'd love to see you what you're apart of throughout the week...


Laura said...

What a fun idea - I totally joined you! :)

Monique said...

:) Loved this post!!