Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Pictures never tell the whole truth.
They never reveal the entire story.
For instance, we have been incredibly busy! And although these pictures are super cute and I will look back and be thankful for them, they will never remind me of the chaos that surrounds them.

We have been pumpkin carving!

The kids were interested, but not intrigued enough to join in the goo.
See what I mean?
The pictures didn't show that daddy did all of the work. He's pretty proud of his jack-o-lantern, I must say.
The pictures didn't show that after we went to bed that night, the fire department was called to our house because someone lit our ditch full of leaves on fire. That was exciting. Because around here there is never a dull moment.

These particular pictures don't show all of the other photos that I have been taking. At least one session a day for the past week. I'm loving it. It's keeping me busy, making some extra money and I hope helping people get photos without spending much money. It's nice to give of myself and help when I can.

These pictures don't show a nervous husband as he started his first day of work as a security officer at the power plant.
They show a sexy young dad [but thats beside the point.]
They do not show the giggles that our lady gives everyday just by looking my way. I mean, even if she hears my voice she is rumbling out loud in a giggle that is too sweet to describe. She is incredibly sweet.
These pictures dont show the nasty attitude Nora has had lately. They dont show Braden's wet head as he dunked it in the toilet and gave himself a swirly (really).
Instead they show 2 dancin fools enjoying a fall wiener roast and hay-rack ride.
...and that's what I want to remember too.
These pictures do not reveal the secret of why our children get sick in the car even if we are just around town. They do show Nora in her 'magic sunglasses' that seem to help her not throw up....
Pictures dont show the entire truth.
A praying husband desperate for a friend to come back to the Lord; pleading for his heart to be broken by Christ alone...
... A mom who feels torn between a new baby and her growing toddlers.
...a home that is open to guests, friends and strangers at all hours of the day.
...a heart that is breaking for a friend.
...a teething child.
...moments of worship in the bedroom followed by prayers and tears.
...dancing in the kitchen.
...confusion. chaos. laughter. tears.

I can honestly look at these pictures from the past week and testify that although they are great pictures, they are only a half-truth compared to the big picture of our lives. So much more goes on day to day than I could ever write about. In one sense, it makes me sad that I cannot find the time or energy to write it all. On the other hand, I am thankful beyond words and value the moments that only we share. It is a special, intimate reality that our life is just that--ours.
I can choose to share the moments that are memorable and cute. And I will continue to do so. I will also continue to always write about moments that are not so pretty and even frustrating. It's reality, remember?
It's part of my truth.
And it's ok.

Just remember that when you are sharing pictures, both face to face and online--that it is only part of the truth. There is always a bigger story. There is always more to tell.
My life is defined by these photos, for sure.
They illustrate our life beautifully. However, they do not define our life.
The Lord does that.


Tiffany said...

This is so true!! Pictures say a 1000 words, but there are 100s of words they could never say. Love your posts and your pictures. Your family is so beautiful. Cadi and Nora have the same cherry hoodie. Cadi is wearing hers today! I hope Daniel's job is going well. I am so excited for you guys. Praying for you, Friend. Sorry I have been absent lately. :( Oh I started counting calories again today. {bleck} I have been so unmotivated, but you are such an encouragement and inspiration. So I am back on the wagon, and I will not let STRESS get the best of me! Love you!

It's not unusual to be loved by anyone said...

Hey Ramee...nice to hear that you, your husband and the adorable three are doing fine.
I was never really interrested in getting pictures taken or look at them...but since i have the right man at my side i looove it. I love looking at them and know that i was so happy in this moment...and that i enjoy spending time with him. Pictures say so much....

kayla p. said...

I laughed out loud about your son dunking his head in the toilet. I have never heard of anyone doing that...hilarious.