Thursday, October 7, 2010


My mom gave me the greatest gift when she gave me a sister.
She gave me a best friend.
In Jeni, I have someone that I can trust. Someone who I can protect and nurture and love even though she may also be an adult. In my sister I have a safe place. A place that is unchanging and cannot be moved. She is my comfort and my protector. In this world, I never have to be alone or afraid. Someone has my back. Someone holds my heart.

My mom lost her brother 6 years ago. The thought of not having Jeni or Jake literally takes my breath away. My gut is shattered at the thought of living life without them. Life just wouldn't be as beautiful or colorful without the bond that I share with my siblings. There is something unique and intentional about sisters and brothers. The connection that you share with those who have the same genes, share the same parents and carry you through is hard to describe, yet if you have a sibling [a best friend] you know what is so unique about it--
And so vital to your life.
I believe that I gave Nora her greatest gift when I gave birth to Braden. The bond that they share is so special and unique.
She is his protector; he is her defender.
I cannot imagine one without the other. The are both such strong individuals and yet somewhere in their make-up is ingrained a need for the other. They thrive for each other's presence and they yearn for one another when separate.
I believe I gave Nora another best friend when I gave birth to Mabel.
Jeni & I were 4 years apart exactly. I was loud; she was quiet.
I was aggressive; she was passive.
She fit me. Like a puzzle. And still does.

She completes that missing part of who I was created to be but am not made up to accomplish. She is that part of who I am that can never be replaced. I know now by looking at my own children that the Lord has an exact plan for these children and their siblings. He has planned how many of them there should be and for exact reasons that we still are not aware of. But what I know for sure is that I have already given them each the greatest gift that I am capable of giving them because my mom gave me that same gift with my sister and my brother.
I am so thankful...
...and I know they will be too...

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome that Nora and Braden are so close - it's an incomprehensible blessing. Their relationship sounds like the relationship between my brother and I. My brother is one of the best gifts I've ever received. It took us a while to become best friends, but we are now so thankful for and blessed by it. :]