Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Surprise Surprise.

It has been a whirlwind weekend. Alot of feelings. Alot of emotions. Alot of time together.
Today is the first day in one week that I have not woke up with a headache. Through my neck, into my shoulders-resulting in a massive migraine that has had no mercy. I have gotten them less frequently as an adult than I did as a child but I literally suffer with them so badly when they make their grand appearance once again. Every day I woke up and realized that I still had the headache.
Every day it took me by surprise.
We spent alot of time outside together over the last couple of days. I gazed into the eyes of our brunette beauty for many minutes resulting in a deeper love affair with her than I imagined I could find. I often hear myself saying, 'I cant believe she's ours.'
And I can't.
She is, everyday, a beautiful surprise.
Do you see that auburn appearing in her hair?
What a sweet surprise!
We're having a little bit of a hard time with our 4 year old lady these days. The past 2 weeks have proven to be very difficult. Her attitude has changed drastically and she is testing us at every opportunity. Her overall personality is just not pleasant right now. It's a phase and I know it will pass but I sure miss my sweet girl.
Her personality lately has caught me off guard and really taken me by surprise.
We have been exploring fall colors, talking about willy worms, leaf blowing with daddy and enjoying the final days of this Indian summer. It has, surprisingly, been in the high 80's and even 90's and we are halfway through October.
I have been so proud of Braden this week. His behavior has been great compared to usual. I love how kids can switch roles and feed off of one another. Nora's bad attitude has forced him into the opposite role and for that I'm thankful because I have been able to fully enjoy his sweetness!
He is a sweet, gentle surprise.
These moments are so important with my children. They are so crucial for shaping them into the adults they will become. I have realized alot in the last couple of days that everyone will surprise us at some point. They will make choices we never thought they could and they will show up when we didn't think they would.
Life is surprising.
People are surprising.

Our children may surprise us someday and make choices we do not support or come to us with difficult situations that need guidance. I pray, even now, that God would prepare us to be the kind of parents who stand on the Word and do not base any decisions on our feelings but on the foundation of God. I pray that we will love them unconditionally but be firm in our convictions when shaping and molding their lives. It is important--
Because people are surprising.
God is not. He is the only One who is not.
My hope is in the Lord.

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Verena said...

Awww Ramee, Mabel is so cute...every time i see her face it makes me smile and be happy.
I have problems with bad headaches since Mai and it's really annoying. I have them every other day ...i feel a pain in my neck when i wake up and it gets more worse during the day....sometimes my right eye even hurts. I hate that feeling and went to the doc last week...she only said that we all have to deal with headaches. Oh yeah, thanks for that really important information but it won't help me.