Monday, November 8, 2010


Harper turned 6 months while staying here. Rache decided to start feeding her some baby cereal and she ADORES it. She's such a big girl!
Nora is in the height of her glory with her Aunt Rachel and her 'sister' Harper. We are enjoying our mornings with the girls, afternoon laughs and evening talks. It's so special to be able to share life with them.
My Miss Audrine is a growing girl! Last night was the first night that she wouldn't nurse at all. I am reluctant to say it, but she may be completely on formula at this point. My hormones are going crazy. I have cried over it and been super mean to everyone around me at times. It's a hard thing having every part of me affected because of this little lady who I adore so much.
Uncle Daniel is Harper's knight in shining armor. He can look at her from across the house and she gives him this sly little grin. She sleeps on him and he is madly in love. It's so sweet to see them together. It feels like she's been here all along.
Rache and I were able to go to church yesterday with just the little babies. It was wonderful! Encouraging and realistic.
Worship was amazing and the message rang true. I love being in service next to her and knowing that we are receiving an awesome victory in our lives together.
We are spending our days playing with kids, and disciplining them.
Eating and talking.
Taking lots of photos.
[[Speaking of photos--visit my new website here:
Reading the Word.
Yelling. Laughing. Crying.
Just soaking one another in.
Planning life & yet releasing it to the Lord.
Allowing God to do a mighty work!

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