Friday, November 19, 2010

Nastyyyyyyyyyyyy Nora.
The orneriest girl around!
Get your tickets while they last.
Nasty Nora will be demonstrating her abilities in arguing, manipulating and whining.
She will push your buttons and make you feel guilty for spending the entire day yelling at her. She will cry over nothing, lift the exersaucer that the babies are sitting in, slam doors and yell in your face if you sit by and watch closely!
Front row seats now available for the small price of exhaustion.
Please join us for the entertainment of Nasty Nora.
Show times: All day Every day!
Disclaimer: Mother will look tired, worn out and frazzled. She will feel sad, frustrated and guilty. Please pay no attention to her as she lashes out or breaks down randomly.
Simply keep all eyes on Nasty Nora as this is what she wants more than anything in the world.

Have a great day!


Ashleigh said...

Ha, this was too funny, sorry ;) At least she looks adorable!

Janice said...

I can NOT believe that this sweet, beautiful, angelic face could provoke what you describe here. LOL.

Ohh, how powerful this blog will work to your benefit one day, when she's calling you up on the phone crying that her children are driving her crazy, Haha.

Hang in there Ramee, if for nothing else, all your crazy, wonderful, frustrating and inspiring blogs, let the rest of us know, even us grandmothers, that we are NOT alone out there, and neither are you.

Love 2 U

Kalli said...

Hmm, I think the pictures don't fit the description! I think she looks much too sweet! Love her curls :)