Tuesday, November 23, 2010

long, hard days.

Days like yesterday are hard.
We had a gimp mouse running around. Rachel and I watched it sneak out from under the entertainment center a couple of times and hobble back under it.
It was dreary and rainy outside so that was our only glimpse of laughter.
The kids were sick. Nora threw up 3 times. Braden pooped alot. It was so pitiful. Mabel is teething and fussing alot at night. She hasn't slept much in the past 2.

I can feel the enemy creep in on days like yesterday. I can feel his sneaky whisper as the loneliness of winter rises above the ground.
The days are short and the dark is long. It feels exhausting to find things to do with the kids or it feels awful when I don't feel like doing much with them at all. Either way, I know what is coming--these hard months of cold and boredom.
However, I so enjoy moments of sweet words and snuggles with the kids. Last night I snuck up to Braden's room to put a diaper on him for bed and he wrapped his arms around me and said "you're the best mother I've ever had..."
And I held him like a baby. His 3 year old body sprawled over mine in a way that brings sadness to my spirit. He is getting big.

I bathed Nora after she threw up for the last time. Her body looked frail and I washed her beautiful red hair. As I did, I watched her expressions. She is full of so much love and although she is testing me at my every turn, I am weak for this little girl.

Granny is back in Clinton at the nursing home. Prayers for her are crucial right now and we appreciate them. My birthday is coming in a couple of days. I'll be 26. It feels kinda old. I suppose the 3 small kids that are whirling around this home might have something to do with that. We are going to dinner with the girls tonight to celebrate. I'm looking forward to it.

Rachel and Harper are still here. Everyone is well and we are enjoying our days together, though they be long. Sometimes we meet in the night, passing by one another with babies in hand. It's the life we are living and are just glad to be together.
We had Thanksgiving Dinner with Daniel's mom on Sunday and we all said what we are thankful for this year.
Kids, Life, Family, Faith, Friends and Toys.
So thankful for it all.

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