Wednesday, November 24, 2010

...of haircuts and hats...

It used to be that when Nora was bored she cut her own hair. However, she has recently changed her boredom style and started cutting other people's hair.
Daddy had to fix Braden's "haircut" after she cut a chunk out of the front last night...
Now he looks strangely similar to Daniel at this exact age--I mean check the smiles...
Now when Rache and I are bored, we do something a little different. Although it does have something to do with heads, it is slightly more entertaining if I do say so myself.
Thats right.
We do hats. Lots and lots of hats.
And we laugh.
We put the twinsies together on the couch and take pictures that will someday make them laugh too. Or make them really mad. Either way, it's too cute.
Oh, and we pretend that we know what they are 'saying.'
These two are a trip together. Really.
Kinda like their mommy's I suppose.
Mabel: "Hey smile in this one. I'll get the next one..."

Mabel: "Come on, Harper...keep it up! Don't lose it now..."

Sometimes the babies lose their minds. We continue snapping.
Mabel often looks clueless and Harper often looks adorable...even in her darkest moment.
Oh and then every now and again, Nora wants to be involved doing her "best smile" aka puffing her chest out like a huge blow fish and acting like a weirdo.
4 is a fun age. If you like awkward.
So you see....we are not lacking entertainment.
We dress babies. We snuggle babies. We nurse sick babies.
Long days are for dress up and dancing.
Haircuts and Hats.


Monique said...

Braden looks so different with his hair buzzed. Handsome little man! It is crazy the resemblance between him and daniel! :)

Kalli said...

Fun fun..if only I lived an hour and fifteen minutes closer :) Glad you girls are having so much girl time together! And that picture of Nora totally cracked me up!!

Anonymous said...

Cassie cut Nathan's hair one time when she was 4 and I told her next time I would let him cut her hair. She freaked out and never did it again. haha But if Nora is her own beautician too maybe that wouldn't work haha.