Sunday, November 7, 2010

the river.

There's a mighty rushing river that flows through your soul.
It covers pain. Crashes against shame. Rebels against fear.
This river runs deep. wide. It is thorough.
It's waves know the depth of your inner strength or lack thereof.
They conspire against the weather to save you from that which you cannot bare.
And they win indefinitely. Always stepping in to take rule; to take charge.
There is something about the river that is sensitive and meek.
Yet when the new day dawns and the river is calm, be not fooled.
Be aware.
Lying beneath the bed of it's core, this river has immense valor.
It has incredible depth and pursuit.
The river is relentless to find you; everything about you that is in need-
and the river will begin to swallow you up.
You will feel the goodness and the peace. You will know you are being protected.
The river has length. It has force.
It has ultimate pull for your spirit. The river directs your destiny.
Let the river flow, today, friends.
Let the river flow.

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