Sunday, November 14, 2010

thankful for.

Granny has been in the hospital. She's so old and so weak. It's a terrible thing watching someone you love suffer. I am thankful that I am living here now and not far away where I felt so very helpless.
Here I can comfort. Here I can help. Here I can offer strength.

I am thankful for lovely fall weather.
Lots of photo opportunities; thus lots of extra money for Christmas.
I am thankful for the Word.
I am thankful for coffee. Especially cappuccino from McDonalds.
Which brings me to : I am thankful for McDonald's. The one with the play place where my kids are trapped inside of 4 walls yet want to play rather than be near me.
I am thankful for grace--which I feel like I need after yelling at the kids or behaving irrationally.
I am thankful for TheraFlu.
I am thankful for healing. Jake had some tests ran last week that came back abnormal. When we prayed over him and got the results, all was fine.
Because our God reigns.
I am thankful for Audrine. Mabel Audrine.
My breath of fresh air.
I am thankful for Harper's sly grin that gets me through the day.
For Rache.
I am thankful for confidence.
Baby leggings.
The View.
A new bra.
I am thankful for friends; old and new. Near and far.
The ability to give. and give. and give some more.
I am thankful for Jesus.
My new sugarland CD.
nap time.
And pizza.
Thank God for Pizza.

What about you? What are you thankful for this very moment?
Big or small...

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Verena said...

I am thankful to read your blog every day bc it cheers me up sooo much.
And i am thankful that i found the right man...he is so supportive loving and just awesome.