Tuesday, November 2, 2010


My little love bug is currently weaning herself from nursing.
She will nurse through the night but is refusing during the day. I nursed the other two babies; both through small nursing strikes. However, Nora weaned herself easily and happily at 5 months and Braden did the same at 3 months.
Here we are at 3 1/2 months and I feel a sadness that I didn't with the other children.
This is my littlest lady. She is so delicate and gentle and sweet.
I'm having a hard time wondering if she may be the last baby I ever feed. It's all so overwhelming.

She is growing well. She is changing daily. She lights up my life.
There's just something about Mabel.
Thank you all for your overwhelming love and support regarding our great news last week. It is amazing to know that we are so surrounded by people who love us and care so deeply for our children.

The kids and I have been off of our 'normal' routine a bit since Aunt Rachel came. However, we are settling into a new normal now that she is here. It's nice and I am enjoying her company more every day. Her and Harper are doing well.

We took the kids to the fall festival at church on Halloween night. I love our church. I love the fellowship and the friendships that I have there. I love seeing our teenagers and our elders involved in something that we all believe in so deeply. Although I'm still in a transition season of my life with a new baby and 2 young children, I still feel supported and loved by my church family. I would LOVE to be more involved but I also know that my time is coming once again. For now, it is crucial to sit back and raise these children while being fed spiritually by others. At some point, I will be able to turn the tables again and do that for someone else. That is how the kingdom family should work--and in our church, it absolutely does!
Our children's pastor was giving a small lesson before handing out the grand prizes for the night. When he was explaining that we are like a pumpkin with ick and goo in us that Jesus comes in and cleans out, he described ick as being 'disobedient to your parents..." and before he could even go on to the next example, Braden shot his hand straight up in the air in front of everyone.
My 3 year old boy.
boy oh boy.
At least he knows he's disobedient, I suppose. Knowledge is power.
I haven't stopped laughing about it since. He makes me smile.

Except just now when he headbutted me in my nose. On purpose.

Daniel's new job is going well. He is right where he belongs and that feels amazing. It's awesome to be in the center of God's will and to know you are.
He has been on the range training and shooting all week. He is pretty proud of his military skills and I must say I'm pretty proud of him also.

I've been super busy with my photography, thus the reason for not writing as often. I'll be slowing down some next week, though, so hopefully I'll get a chance to write about a few things that I feel so heavy on my heart lately. In the meantime, thanks for reading. Thanks for loving on us.
Think of you often....

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