Saturday, December 18, 2010

vlog nasty if you like it

Evening, friends!
I ordered a new laptop. A laptop with a webcam built in it.
so. . . . . .

on Monday I will be doing my first ever VLOG. [videoblog]
Yes, with my voice. Be prepared.

inquiring minds want to know--
what is it that you want me to vlog about?
No topic is off limits...

Hair dye?
Piercings and tattoos?
Or any other topic that you send my way...

I may end up answering all of your questions or doing just one topic. Either way--please chime in. Can't wait to hear from you.
rameelin at


Of Pandas and Pirates said...

Vlog about all of the above! Anything and everything. I'm excited to see them. My laptop has a built in webcam but I am not outgoing enough to do a vlog.

Yay for new laptops!

Anonymous said...
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