Monday, December 13, 2010

Gingerbread Houses.

It's always fun to think of new traditions to do with our kids. The last few [cold] weeks have been rough, I'm not gonna lie. The kids are loud, bored and wild.
But the other day in the middle of the chaos we took a few minutes to read a book called, "The gingerbread baby." The kids loved it.
That night at CVS I found a gingerbread house kit and brought it home..
The kids loved it.
and looked cute doing it.

It was simple, didn't take much time, but entertained them for quite a while.
The (finally) worked together on something, quietly and pretty calm.
...and it was way cute...
I love little moments with them. Watching their little hands and seeing their smiles. Because after yelling, arguing and chasing all day--
I need a moment like this.
...and this...
What new tradition have you started with your family this year?
What old traditions are you continuing?

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