Monday, December 6, 2010


"Behold, I make all things new."
Revelation 21:5

Isn't it refreshing to know that the Lord makes all things new? This verse is referring to the new heaven and the new earth but I am made alive inside when I think about His ability and capability to take that which is old or used up and make it new again.

The Lord can take your damaged heart and repair it's deepest, rooted pain. The kind of pain that is hidden in the secret places. The kind of pain that even you don't know about. He can enter the crevices that are crooked and straighten them effortlessly.
He can and He will.

The Lord can enter your disease and heal your wounded body. He can take the physical pain that you might feel and seemingly make it impossible to feel again. He longs for you to be whole; new. And He will do that for you if you simply listen and obey.

The Lord can move into your situation and make everything that looks and feels hopeless--redeemable. Not only is He able.
He is willing.
He is God.
He did not say in His word, "Behold, I make some things new." God is not situational. He is all knowing and ever present. He is the Lord who never changes. We can't compute that in our human minds, but He is God who is already in the future. He is already living there. So He has prepared a place for you there.
He is God. He makes all things new.

What do you need from Him today?
Hope? Redemption? Healing?
Simply cry out to our God and allow Him to replenish you. Thirst no more, friends.
He makes all things new.

Speaking of new.....
I got a new haircut. And I love it. It makes me feel alive.

It feels like we have been busy around these parts, but in all actuality, things have slowed down quite a bit. Now that we have a couple inches of snow and it's cold, my photo sessions have slowed. So we have been desperately trying to find things to do inside the house. Aunt Rachel helped Nora write a letter to Santa...
In case you can't read it well, it says,
"Dear Santa, I have been naughty and nice."
She came up with that on her own and it made me smile. She just wanted to be honest, bless her heart.

Speaking of other new things...
Mabel has started to eat a little bit of food this week. She loved it and I'm going to slowly start introducing more.
She rolled over for the first time from her back to her stomach. She has been going the other way for a couple of months now but it was awesome to see her work hard at rolling the other way and accomplishing it!!!
We are also getting a new shed to store Daniel's tools and lawn mower in. Basically it will free up space in the garage so that the kids can play in there this winter (since it's heated now and all.) I'm pretty excited that they'll have a place to play and get out some extra energy.

Braden came down the stairs the other night with a thumbs up and said to his daddy,
"Good job dad. Good job for hurting my feelings!"

These kids are funny. Our days are long but I enjoy the chaos as always.
Daddy is enjoying his new job--the job that the Lord saved and prepared for him. He is doing well and is really proud of what he is doing. He is a new man for sure!

Christmas is coming and I feel like doing online shopping rather that fighting the cold. But then I remember how much I enjoy shopping with my love on a cold day. Sneaking in a coffee together and missing our babies while we buy for them.
It's an exciting time.

Remember to ask the Lord to renew you today.
Because He will.
The only One who will.
And then share with me when He does, will you?


Verena said...

Gosh, Braden cracks me up..this guy is so funny.
Your new haircut looks great...i had the same one a few years ago but i have curly hair so it was a lot of work every morning.

Jessica Kramasz said...

Amen. Beautiful.