Saturday, December 18, 2010

poop story. again.

Last night after I posted the cell phone photos, we had quite an experience.
The house was quiet. The 2 small babies were sleeping. Rachel and I were getting ready to head for bed when a Nora emerged from the stairs. She made her way to the living room and explained that Bubby had pooped in his diaper. [They both still wear diapers at bedtime but only during naps and bedtime.] She then proceeded to change her story.

"Well, I guess I was the one who pooped."
And she headed back up the stairs. I told her I would be up to change her and that it was sooooo gross for her to have done that.

I went up to quickly change her in her dimly lit room.
Minutes later, Rachel went up to get her bed ready for sleeping. Braden was awake and in Nora's room so Rachel went in to get him back to bed.
"Nora, it reeks in here! So Gross!"
Nora said, "that's because bubby played in my poop and smashed it into my carpet."

Rachel runs down the stairs.
"Rame, did you know that Braden and Nora played in the poop and smashed it into the carpet?"
I said, "Nuh uh. There was dark stains on her carpet from milk...are you sure that's not what you mean?"
"Rame! It's POOP!"

So we head up the stairs, flipped on the bedroom light and found a massacre of the carpet that once was white and fluffy. Now covered in chunks of poop, a plastic fork with a turd on it and dark spots--this was my worst nightmare...
...ya know, since I cant stand rubbing carpet on carpet and all...

We got the mess cleaned up, washed the children good, febreezed the entire room and steam cleaned the carpet this morning.
I'm having it professionally cleaned if I don't rip it out first--it will never look the same to me again...

What. is. wrong. with. my. kids???
poop. poop. poop.
They have always played in poop.
One week until Christmas.
7 days.
♥ ♥ ♥


Jessica Kramasz said...

Oh no! What is it with kids and poop? Don't worry, I think every mother has a poop story of two.

We had poodfest at our house last night too. My husband and I had gone out for dinner and when we got home I could smell the poop as soon as we walked in the door. Our dog had gotten diarrhea in her kennel. It was all over her - fur matted, feet full of it. It was smooshed into the towel that lines her kennel and on the bars of the kennel.

As soon as I was done bathing the dog and scrubbing out the kennel, I picked up Jojo and discovered he had had a major blowout. Poop all the way up his back and soaked through his onesie and sleeper. Of course it got in his hair while I was trying to get him out of the poopy clothes, so it was time to bathe him too.

Kalli said...

Wow. Ugh. I would have been sick. Talk about Rache being a good friend. If it was my SISTER I would have let her clean that mess up on her own, hahahaha. I prob would have even taken pictures. :)