Sunday, December 5, 2010


There are just some days that are made for snowing.
Days when daddy is home and can help get the kids dressed and bundled. Days when it is cold but not too cold. Not bitter cold. Just a perfect cold for a perfect snow day.
The redheads were so excited on Friday night as the snow started to fall. I had taken them to the library while daddy stayed home with Mabel. As he texted me that it was snowing, we quickly got our coats on and headed out the door. I haven't seen them so excited in such a long time.
They played upstairs, periodically running down them quickly to the front door to check the progress of flakes. They were shocked and in awe to see the sparkles in the snow. It was a fun night.
I have always loved the wonder of snow since I was a little girl. There is something so magical about the fluffy white stuff. You never know how much is going to fall, yet any amount is beautiful. It looks like cotton candy; soft as a cushion and is so cloud like that it literally connects you to Heaven.
Our children feel the same, I'm sure.
I can just see it in their eyes.
All of them...
The brightness of the day pours in through our windows and we all feel a sense of refreshing.
So yesterday, while the snow continued to fall, daddy bundled the redheads tightly and headed out the door. It was neat to see how they have grown from snow time last year. Yet, when I looked through the lens at my children in their suits, I couldn't help but be taken back by how small they still are. And in that moment, I purposed to remember that for the day....
...and hopefully many more to come.
Their innocence is as beautiful as that which surrounded them in our front yard. Nora waved as she plotted snowball fights with her brother. They adore one another and I have never been more thankful for their friendship. They have a constant companion and that is a wonderful gift.
Daddy became very childlike as well. Embracing the moments of freedom in the winter air, he played and laughed with his children and as I watched him, I fell deeper in love once again.
He's a really present dad for them and I don't take that for granted.
...and he's so super handsome...
Rachel and I stood at the door and watched them all interact as we stayed tucked in the warmth of our cozy house. It is a great feeling to be surrounded by so much love in a moment of snow.
Blue eyes shined through snowsuits as I thanked God silently for these blessings that surround me at this exact moment.
A warm home.
Clothes for covering.
Arms for hugging.
Friends for loving.
Babies to care for.
And a God who is evident. Present. Perfect.
Rache made 'snowballs on a stick' for the kids as they played. Marshmallows dipped in melted caramel and covered in rice krispies. It was a lovely snack. One that they [obviously] adored.

In a time full of many firsts, Harper added "First Snow" to the list. And she looked so cute in the process of growing. She blesses my life and this home everyday.
It was Mabel's first snow as well, but I wasn't as enthusiastic to take her out in it.
She's Mabel, after all, and she quite enjoys just a quiet moment to herself. So I took advantage of that today to show you just how precious these days of ours are...
Snow days or no snow days...
...We are abundantly blessed && thankful!

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