Monday, December 27, 2010

the tale of the tail...bone.

Just returned home from getting my first tailbone injection. More specifically, a pain injection in the nerves surrounding the tailbone.
All went well.
It was painful.
Lasted about 1o minutes.
...and then I felt no pain...

And it was all worth it.
I'm praying that this one shot will take care of the pain altogether. The Dr. said that it may not and that I could have some rebound pain, but my prayer is against that very thing. Here's knowing that we serve an awesome God--no matter what.
He is so sovereign.

Christmas was pretty amazing. My mom made it so special. Overall it was a great day.
Daniel and I fought, of course.
That's what we do. Holidays+me & dan dan= one big fight.
And then we make up and all is ok.
I got the most special present from my mom. More on that to come...
Braden has peed his pants 3 times today just so he can take a bath. That is so not ok.
He also drew on Mabel's face with permanent marker. I'm still not quite sure what to do about it, so she's swinging with her tiger face still painted on.

Our anniversary is tomorrow.
6 years.
Some days it feels like no time.
Some days it feels like a lifetime.
...but regardless, I love him still...

My back is numb.
One redhead in the bathtub.
One redhead reading her Bible. [and being mouthy...]
One Mabel in the swing.
A night of rest the Dr. prescribed.
and I laughed...

hopefully this is the final chapter to my tale of the tailbone.
Please pray that it is!!!
And as far as my children and their body functions, such as pee and poop...
please pray that I've seen my last of those things as well.
I just can't take it much longer.

Back to the grind.
I hear Nora yelling at Aunt Rachel.
ohhhhh boyyyyy

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Kristi said...

Prayers your injection does it's job! My hubby has a herniated disc in his lower back - he had an injection in April & another one last week. If he would do his therapy exercises it would probably help more...just sayin ;)