Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Unveiled Project.

We live in a culture that presses our convictions. It pushes on every side to make us feel a certain way about ourselves. It is no secret here that I am not all about that.
I am all about revealing truth.
Who you are.
All of you.

Introducing: The Unveiled Project
This unique photo session is going to stretch women of all ages. I am hoping it will force us to expand our comfort zone and jump into a place where we feel vulnerable and help us to expose the truth about our own beauty. The Lord created us in His image. We are divine to Him--perfect, whole and flawless. It is about time that we begin to see ourselves in that same light.

This photo session is especially for women.
Mothers with their daughters.
Generations of women (grandma, mom and daughter)
Women alone.
Women with their friends.

It is a black and white session. There will be no make-up and I am asking all women to wear their hair as natural as possible. There will be no extra editing or enhancements. This session will expose our imperfections, causing us to look at them and embrace them-not only for ourselves but for others to see as well.
Someday our young daughters will thank us. They will thank us for revealing our true identity and our true beauty.
And for embracing it.
I have freckles. It is who I am. And I'm ok with that.
What is unique about you? What did the Lord give you that you need to embrace?

The photos from this session will be used to create a special album reflecting the individuals who take place in this photo session series.

I will be shooting photos for this series for at least 4 weeks but may continue, depending on how it is going. I will begin taking appointments on Monday, January 3rd.
Get your sisters, mother, grandmother, nieces, friends or just bring yourself.
But do this! It will change your perception of beautiful you.
If all goes as planned, 1/2 of the proceeds from this photo series will be donated to the local House of Hope. I will be helping with their first young girl's retreat in February and am so looking forward to it!!! It just so happens that our theme for that retreat is, "You are Beautiful."
To learn more about House of Hope, please go here...
And then, contact me for more details about the Unveiled Project and how you can get involved.
And to make an appointment.
You won't regret it.

I will be sharing photos from this series periodically so be on the lookout.


Jessica Kramasz said...

I love this idea. Beautiful, and yet scary. I wish I lived closer. Though I would probably chicken out.

Cyndi Girdler said...

Hey Ramee,

This is Cyndi, Megan's mom. I love this idea. Although tis a bit scary to think of myself without all of my magic tools to face the day each day, and capturing my 'true beauty' so candidly. I will talk to Megs and see if she would like to do this with me.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful idea!
Wish we lived closer, I'd love to be a part of this!