Wednesday, December 22, 2010

updates and rambles.

Its Wednesday. The Wednesday before Christmas. I took Mabel to the chiropractor this morning for her first ever adjustment. The second that he adjusted her little body she started giggling out loud. This is unusual for Mabel. She giggles, don't get me wrong. But never has she giggled for so long or so loud. It's as if her body felt right for the first time.

Thanks for all of your comments and messages regarding our VLOG. It was really fun and although they won't always be so long, I do plan on doing more.
I also have some other things planned--a women's Bible study at my house being one of them. After the new year I'm going to knock out some of the details and then post them here. Anyone will be welcome to attend and I'm really excited to get it started!

My friend Katie is having her baby soon. Miss Ivy should be here on Monday if she doesn't come any sooner! We are all anticipating her arrival and praying for a safe, quick and healthy delivery!!! I am so anxious to meet Miss Ivy girl!

Soon I will be helping with a young girl's retreat titled, "You are Beautiful."
When the details of this are final, I'll be posting them. Any young girl is invited and we would love to have you!!!

I finished the Christmas shopping yesterday and it feels really good to be done. We've spent alot of money but I remind myself that this is the reason we save all year long. Nora keeps walking around the house singing,
"Christmas is not about presents...."
We have been reading the Christmas account from the Word and Nora wants me to read more and more. She loves learning about the Lord!

Coming up on my blog:
Ultimate Christmas List
Our day: In Pictures
'Insert your name: A letter from the Lord'

Enjoy the last few days before Christmas. Focus on the reason for it all.
Our King. Our Savior. He is jealous for you. For me.
He is Lord.
Reason to celebrate.

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