Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bible Study Info

So far today we have 20 women who want to be involved in the James Bible Study!
I'm so excited that you all want to grow with God and develop relationships with other women because so do I!!!
Please tell your sisters, cousins, friends and any other women you know that need some extra motivation to get into the Word. Let's dive in together...

Some of you have questions so let me explain a little more about what will go on.
-Each week I will type out the scriptures that you will read for that week here on my blog.
-Each morning I will send out a mass email to everyone that is involved with the study. This email may include my ideas about the scripture, a prayer for the day, prayer requests or even just a good morning! Then I will leave the rest up to you guys...
You can hit "reply" to reply to everyone so that we all read your response/input about the scripture for the day.
This can include questions, "what did you get out of that?" or "what does it mean when it says...?"
It could be your prayer requests. It can be whatever the Lord leads it to be.

I pray that we will all feel the urgency to get involved but just know that if you sit back and only read, that is ok too. I want you to know that I hear you. I understand that some of you are scared, worried or intimidated. Our goal here is for you to NOT feel those things. My hope is that you would feel at ease knowing that we are just young mom's hungry for the Lord, much like most of you.

On Sundays, Rache & I plan to do a short VLOG about the previous week and what the Lord has taught us through His word and one another. We will answer any questions as we go along.

I understand that this can be intimidating or scary for some of you. I know that you feel that it's a huge step to even get involved in something like this. My hope and prayer for us all is that by having it be a 'small group' of women, we can find that comfort with one another and get involved in a powerful way.
No one knows more than the next person. This is not a spiritual competition.
God teaches us all new things if we let Him, and I know we will all learn new things from one another.
That's what is so neat about learning.

In my emails each day, I may give tips or pointers on how to study the Word for that day or ideas on how to dig a little deeper if you want to do that.

Also if you have not added me on facebook, please do so. [Ramee Larson]
I may post things periodically about the study on my page as well.

Although this may still seem a little choppy, I promise we will all get the hang of it. It seems heavy and like alot of information right now but...'s not.
We are reading 2 verses a day.
Writing it out.
And then talking about it.

Tomorrow's blog will include pictures of my binder and notes for you to get a better understanding. If you have questions before then, please comment or email me. We will also be kicking off the study with a VLOG on Sunday evening explaining what Monday will hold! The first email will be sent out Monday morning (January 24th) before 9 am.

I am thankful for each of you and can't wait to learn from you. I value your thoughts, ideas and prayers so much!!! Thank you for jumping in with me.
This will be a wonderful ride.


Lauri said...

Ramee, I would love to be a part of your Bible study. This is format would fit my life perfectly.


Emily said...

I would like to join also.



Emily said... email is

Jessica Kramasz said...

I would like to join as well.

It's not unusual to be loved by anyone said...

I would also join if it's ok !?
Don't know if i'll understand everything but you said it's ok not to write if you don't want to.

Yanick said...


My mom and I will be doing this together.