Thursday, January 6, 2011


Migraines have consumed my life for as long as I can remember. The only time I ever remember having relief for more than a couple of weeks was during pregnancy--which could be the underlying reason as to why I enjoy it so much.

Yesterday I woke up with a pain that was unlike any migraine I have ever experienced. It was on top of my head, rather than on the front above my eye. It was only when I stood or sat but I didn't feel [as much] pain while lying. I knew very early in the day (around 9:15) that it was not going to ease so my mom came and we took a trip to the ER. The concern was that I had a possible small bleed from the injection in my back last week, since that is sometimes a side effect of a procedure like that. However, since it had been 10 days, the Dr was sure that this was not the case. I had a CTA scan and it came up normal which is a huge relief. They gave me a combined dose of different medicines that basically knocked me out for 4 hours. I rested but woke with the same pain.

I came home. Went to bed. Rachel and Sara were here with the kids which was a huge help and although it's hard for me to let go and let them help me...I did. And I'm glad.
I slept the entire night only waking to use the restroom.
I woke up today with the same headache.
Stabbing pains only when I stand, sit and walk.
However...after a few different meds I am feeling better for this very moment.

So will you pray?
Pray away fear.
Pray away anxiety over the pain returning.
And pray that the pain WILL NOT return.
I'm laying down to rest again now.
Someone will update again later.
Thanks in advance for your love!


Reese said...

Hi there Ramee Lynn. I am praying for you, for instant relief, and peace. In Jesus name!


Mrs. R said...

You are in my prayers tonight! Hope you are feeling better asap.

Tess Weber-Popejoy said...

Hi, I came upon your blog through a friend's and have been following ever since. I saw this post and decided to comment for the first time. I've struggled with migraines for 10+ years and have found a good balance of medications that work for me in the last year. I also found relief while I was pregnant and was able to go off of my meds. If you ever wanted to talk about any ideas/options for relief feel free to contact me!

It's not unusual to be loved by anyone said...

I will pray for you hun..i hate headaches as much as you do. I had a lot of headaches for about a year and found out that i need to wear i am glad that it stopped. Hope you're feeling better tomorrow.