Saturday, January 8, 2011

home worship

There are moments in my home that literally make time stand still.
Everything else around me can be chaotic. Loud. Feisty.
But the sudden strum of a man and his guitar can calm the loudest little one.
Worship, as you know, can be defined and interpreted in many ways. It takes on many forms. I find myself worshipping the Lord the most when it becomes the focus. The uninterrupted, unchanged, untainted focus.
No distractions. Just guitar, home, and stillness.
The heart of a worshipper is supposed to be that of purity. It is supposed to be unveiled. With no restrictions or expectations.
In our home, that is exactly where we go. To a place where there are no expectations. And with no expectations we usually get amazing results. Results from the Lord that are intimate.
Calming. Gentle.
And there is a great peace in knowing that we can enter into His gates right in our own home. A place where the Holy Spirit dwells and is welcome.
We are open to His presence and open to His ways.
The most intimate time with the Lord can be right where you are.
Take a moment and go there today.
You won't be sorry.