Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We had a fish that was male but Nora named it Ariel.
It lasted 2 months and then Braden overfed the poor soul and he had to be flushed.
It was a shame.

Heidi is now potty trained to the bathroom. I love knowing that when I open the door she will have left me a sweet pile of pee with a lovely aroma. It wafts through the house appropriately.
She knows to go in there to pee now rather than letting us know she needs to go out.
I think she is seriously mentally incapacitated.

Nora said to Braden today, "thanks for dressing up for the fancy ball..."
Braden replies, "It's my pleasure your majesty."

Nora loses her mind everyday faithfully at around noon, 4 pm and 7 pm.
She becomes another little girl.
One whose eyes are burrowed and attitude is nasty.
She sometimes screams. She always cries.
It makes for a rough hour or so.

Braden is currently batman.

Mabel is teething and has found her voice.
It's hysterical to hear her 'talking.'

The kids refer to everything as "20 days ago..."

...and they ask for everything, "Can I May I have chocolate milk?"

Cabin fever has far surpassed it's definition in this home. I'm in need of a good spring run and wind through our windows. I need sweet smells of flowers and trees.
Winter in all of it's glory and beauty can go now.
It has overstayed it's welcome.
This house needs refreshing.


Kalli said...

Oh man. Ry does the "can I may I"!! How random.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the spring breeze and the refreshing, even though it's been cold over the last two days i've smelled it in the air, it's coming!

Janice said...

How funny is this. We bought Cora a male beta fish last year for Easter. She named him Ariel, LOL. When he died, 5 or 6 months later, Ashley and Cora buried him in the garden and had a little memorial service.