Tuesday, January 4, 2011


We've been talking alot about school with Nora. Although I have definitely pulled back on her schooling and current curriculum, she is still being taught at home everyday. It's just that she is so far ahead of the simple lessons that this curriculum is teaching for her age. In fact, she is more advanced than the Kindergarten workbook we have been teaching her from as well. She is close to reading and we are working hard to ensure that she does that by the beginning of the next school year. If she doesn't, that is ok too. But I think she will.

Anyway, she has been so intrigued by school outside of our house. She is asking alot of questions and my answer is always the same.
Nora, you can choose to go to school when you are older if you'd like. (she will always be in a private school, provided we are able to do that). But for now, baby, I want to teach you at home so that I can teach you about Jesus. They don't teach kids about Jesus in schools, Nora. They aren't even supposed to talk about Him.

...she is troubled...
"Mom! They have to talk about Jesus. They need to talk about Him!!! He protects us. He is God. They need to talk about Jesus!!!"
I reassure her that it makes me sad too. That I think we need to talk about Him in schools too and that is why it is important that I keep her home so that she can grow with Him and learn all she can about Him here.
And then she says to me,
"You need to pray, mommy, right now...that the teachers would be able to talk about Jesus."
I said, "You want me to pray for the teachers and the schools to talk about Jesus?" shocked and in awe of this 4 year old innocence. She is confident in this profound faith of hers....

So I began to pray.
She closed her eyes and when we were through, she continued with her workbook, occasionally shaking her head in disgust at the idea that some people can't talk about Jesus where they are everyday. It shocks me too.

And then last night, it came back to the topic of schools. She told me that she wants to go to school where Uncle Jake does. I reminded her that at his school the kids are big and they cannot learn about God.
She told me that it "hurts her heart and breaks her heart."
"It makes me berry berry angry, mommy."
"We should pray to Jesus, mom. That would make Him happy."
"All of my family has to pray to Jesus."
"Jesus is our friend. So much."
"Everyday He is our God. Our best God."

She wants to talk about Him more and more. She is wrapped up in a romance with Him and she is but a little girl. Be still my beating heart.
Be still.

Nora will be a Jesus-seeker.
A faith-builder.
A people-reacher.
She is a unique and wonderful little girl. And in the midst of her being a little girl who has trouble listening, a crazy screamer and a wild dancer...she is learning the vital foundation for which her life will be built.
I am proud of that.
And thankful for it.

Simple truths through a little child. The sweetest revelations I have ever had.


Jessica Kramasz said...

Oh sweet, precious Nora. What a blessing.

It's not unusual to be loved by anyone said...

I went to a catholic girls school and we had the class "religion" every day.....it was very important for me and i could not imagine it without.

Mrs. R said...

Having been in public school, private school and working on my degree as a public school teacher I don't see the harm in public school. :) I still believe I can give my child the foundation of religion and family while he attends public school... But her comments are sweet and it's nice that you can stay home with your kids and homeschool!

rameelin said...

Religion is not my focus for the kids; Jesus is. Being in both public and private school myself--I now know that having Nora in a public school is not an option. It's just not a right fit for my children. My teenage brother is in public school and my grandfather is the school board president. Aside from the spiritual aspect of my argument I also know that our public school systems are failing in more ways than one. Education in their lives is second to the importance of the children knowing the Lord. But it is vital that they receive a solid education as well and I just don't have the confidence that they will receive that in a public school setting. Everyone has a perfect fit for their own lives regarding all sorts of issues--this one just isn't the right fit for us.

Mrs. R said...

Everyone does have a perfect fit.... Maybe the schools there aren't doing as well as they are here then. What ways are they failing? I'm just curious. :)

Mrs. R said...
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Mrs. R said...

Sorry I'm reading on my phone and messed up my other post and now deleted it, haha.

Anyways I meant the foundation of religion/Jesus/what we believe not just what people call "religion".

The whole homeschool/private school/public school thing interests me because I like to hear other perspectives. Obviously I believe in our schools and see so many wonderful things going on in them so (to further explain) my curiosity would be about why you are so very much against them...as well as how they are failing our kids.

Good topic :)

Anonymous said...
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