Saturday, January 22, 2011


Today has been a weird kinda day.
We moved the toy room back downstairs and our bedroom back up.
I'll give you two guesses as to what time of month it is.

Nora dressed up pretty and her MeMe took her to lunch. It was a day for beautiful♥
Tomorrow night we'll be posting our first "James VLOG." We are so excited to announce that there are close to 40 women joining our Bible Study! God is doing a mighty thing here and I hope you are as excited as we are to be a part of it.
I wanted to clear a few things up about the study itself.
Some of you have asked if you will be writing out your SOAP's to us everyday. Your SOAP is for your own personal study. You will only be replying to the daily email with any insight that you find or responses to questions I may ask.

I also wanted to clarify that the study itself is 12 weeks long! 3 months of digging deeper into the book of James and building relationships with other Christian women. It is sure to bring about great things and I am so thankful that you are all wanting to grow and learn in the same ways that I am.

Please be open to how God wants to change you. Expect to learn new things and be challenged. The Lord is doing something big here in our midst and it will be awesome!!!

As I type this, Harper girl is standing next to me on the outside of the walker. She has 5 teeth (4 that came in this past week...) and she is funny!!! She is lighting up our home and my heart beats for her when she waves to me saying, "Hi."
Thank you, Lord, for Harper.

I have a $30 Photo Special for the month of February. It includes one free photo [the size of your choice!] Let me know if you're interested!
Loving today. Awkward. Odd. Weird.
But loving it.


Ashleigh said...

Nora could not get any cuter. She looks adorable up there <3

Kalli said...

I just used Lady Nora as an example to Steve that cutting Ry's hair could be super cute. It kind of worked :) Love her new 'do!

Gina said...

Nora looks so grown up!