Friday, January 14, 2011


"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, I will give you rest."
Matthew 11:28
There have been different times in my life when people have said to me,
"you're so good with words..."
"that was such a good prayer."
"I just cant pray like you."
and all of those things trouble me.
Because the Lord doesn't call those who speak eloquently or with proper English to pray. He doesn't call those who know the right words or those who have been a Christian long enough to know the exact things that they should pray for to enter into fellowship with Him.
He calls ALL.
All who are weary.
All who are weak.
All who need a Savior.
All who need a friend.

In Philippians, Paul tells us to be anxious for nothing but in EVERYTHING by prayer (with thanksgiving) let our requests be known to God. That means that we can take everything to Him and that we should. He is our God. If we don't have what we think are the 'perfect' words for Him, somehow I think He can handle that. He has broad shoulders. And is not offended. In fact, He will be thankful that we went to Him in the first place. He calls us to do so.

Psalm 145:18 tells us that the Lord is near to all those who call upon Him.
Refreshing, huh?
Just because someone may pray silently and another may pray loudly with assertive belief doesn't mean that either is correct or incorrect. Both are perfect! All is fine.
The Lord is longing for His children, who He created and knows already, to just come to Him. Speak to Him. Communicate with Him.

The Word does tell us that we can go boldly to the throne(Hebrews 4:14-16). I suppose in my prayers, I take heart in this verse knowing that Jesus has suffered the same temptations and trials and yet overcame them. He can surely handle my problems and troubles. He desires to be there for me and take care of me. He is my Lord.
I pray boldly, with assurance that the King will hear me and answer my prayers because I know that He does what He says He will do. He will draw near to me, and fulfill His will for my life.
Because He is God.

So I encourage you to not be intimidated by our loving God today. Spend a little time just whispering to Him in the bathtub or while you are getting ready. Spend time talking to Him in the car or on your way home from the store. Spend time just interacting with God. He will hear you. It is necessary. And you will be made glad!
We met with the physical therapist and occupational therapist yesterday. Both evaluated Mabel and agreed that they needed to meet with us weekly to work with her. She will have a hip X-Ray next week because her right hip is popping excessively. If the X-Ray shows something is going on, we will meet with yet another specialist.

We scheduled an MRI for the month of February. They will take a good look into her little head to rule out anything that could be going on in the brain to cause her to be delayed.
She is currently at a 1-3 month old level in most areas.
I meet again with her pediatrician on Monday and I have some questions that I will be asking.

I should point out that this is beyond hard for me. I know that it would all be hard for anybody but for my personality its especially difficult. Because she's mine, she must be ok, I find myself thinking. It sounds superficial when I write it out. It feels wrong. But it's how I feel.

I am learning alot and asking God to help me be very transparent in this whole process, as to not be afraid to share things with the people who love us. So I will continue to do just that and ask you to NOT be afraid to pray with us and for our little girl.
Please don't ever feel like you aren't good enough to pray.
It's crucial that you do!
I have to remind myself daily that we are incredibly blessed. Although we have seen specialists most of her little life for different things, Mabel is truly healthy, happy and beautiful.
She is such the sweetest gift and some families just cannot say the same things which breaks my heart. So although it is difficult, and I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed, I am also amazed at how awesome our God is. I am excited to see how He will bring about His glory through our Mabel girl. This journey; this journey of mothering will keep you praying for sure.
Just don't be afraid to do so.
You're worth it.
Your children need you to do it.
And God is waiting.


kayla p. said...

Mabel is so gorgeous... I love her little hats and headbands with the twisty ribbons!! Praying for her :)

It's not unusual to be loved by anyone said...

Oh occupational therapy too???If you were nearer i could do would love to. Kids in her age are doing a very good and fast progress when it comes to their physical situation. Good luck!!