Monday, January 10, 2011

this used to be a fun house....

We're all sick.
Daniel & I spent the entire night taking turns vomiting in the bathroom. It was awful. I don't think either of us have been that sick in years. Well, maybe I have, but it sure didnt feel like it. I know he hasn't been that sick since I have been with him. It was pitiful.

Braden woke up puking today and Nora did once already this morning. Of course, they are kids, so they don't let it slow them down much but I can't catch a break. I just want to sleep. Sleep. Sleep. But my belly hurts, my back aches and there's that tiny detail named Mabel that needs taken care of.

Rachel is a huge help. She was sick 2 nights ago. It's all her fault.
No. Not really.
We get the flu every year because you know--we are a non vaccinating family and all.
So we're to blame.
No. Not really.
But some would like to say so.
I like it when people take time to educate themselves on both sides of an argument. It makes for a much more interesting conversation.

We vlogged last night but it won't upload. Here's the gist:
We are going to start a book study/Bible study next week. We will be announcing the book on Sunday with all of the details. You will have a week to purchase the book (or get it from your library) and hopefully some of you will want to get involved. Even if you don't read the book along with us, we will be vlogging once a week about different details that we find interesting throughout. I am super excited about this!

We also talked about our ideas of being beautiful. What the world thinks vs. what the Word says. So, hopefully I can get it uploaded--so you can watch and then get involved with that conversation as well.

What's your strangest discipline moment?
For instance, have you ever pulled the car over on the highway in the dead of winter and threatened to put your kids outside in the dark?
Me neither.

But I'm interested to hear alternative ideas to discipline that are affective or maybe not so much. I'll share some of mine on a less puny day.
Prayers for our family are always appreciated. We love you all.

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Regina said...

Praying that everyone feels well soon. Can't wait for the Vlog and bible study!