Wednesday, January 12, 2011

to whom it may concern...

She's here. Obviously.
Everyone knows she is here. Everyone is also wondering why.
Well here is the thing, friends...
There are just some things that are meant to remain private and prayerful about.
There are details of every story meant to stay untold. The author chooses to withhold things constantly. I know; I'm a writer. It's the beauty of the beast. You can write what you want to write. You can withhold what you don't wish to share. You can do whatever you want when you're the owner.
And she is the owner of her life.
It's her life here. Not a game.
Not a public spectacle.
Not some gossip session waiting to happen.
Therefore, she doesn't feel the need or have the desire to make a PSA describing the story, or details of why she is here. She probably never will.
I hope she doesn't.

Of course there have been many of you who have written to show your concern and to ask how she is doing.
She's fine. For all you know, she's great.
Life is perfect and she is on a vacay.
You don't know. And you will not.
Because it's not yours to know.

Real life, away from this computer screen, happens to be take precedence over non-sense nosiness. It's obnoxious and rude to pry into some one's business; begging for details of some story that you have already decided must be true in your head.
I mean, really, you already think you know why she is here.
So just stick with that. Go with it. Make it as elaborate as you'd like.
Unless of course you know why she is here--and if you do, thank you for doing what you are doing...because you are a part of her life that is necessary and important.

There are a handful of people who know why Rachel is here.
There are millions of people wondering why she is.
Whoever you are...just know she is here.
She is supposed to be.
She is ok.
That's all that you need to know.
And if you want to know more, please stop asking around and simply email me.
I'll be glad to pass the message along and she can shoot you an email back.
But, honestly, let's just stick to respecting people and call it a day.
If you personally needed to know, I promise I would have told you long ago. And If I didn't then I suppose you understand, eh?

She appreciates your love and prayers so, so much. We all do--so thank you for being kind enough to just do those things for and pray. love and pray.
Love you all.


Of Pandas and Pirates said...

I love this post. I have wondered, but I have not asked. I knew it was none of my business. I'm glad she is with people she loves and that she and her beautiful baby are well. Thank you for being an awesome friend to her Ramee! :)

Sarah said...

Speaking of Rachel...haven't you mentioned that she has a blog of her own? I would love to read...

Would you share her URL with us...PLEASE! :)

FYI...the girls and I are moving home in February and will be staying with my mom for a little while until we can find a place of our own. I would love to get the kiddos together when it gets warmer. Let me know!!