Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We're all feeling better.
After a week of battling everything from headache to the flu to sinus infections, the house finally seems to be well once again.
Mabel has found her voice.
She's 6 months old and just now finding her own little rhythm. I have to admit that it's slightly hard for me to have a baby who seems to do things at her very own pace. I'm used to up-beat, high energy kids. This little lady sure is different in the best of ways.
Yesterday was an eventful day. Both girls had Dr's appointments. Nora had an infected fingernail that had turned green. She had to have it lanced and drained. It was pretty traumatic for her but she did so well. It's common, nothing to worry about, but rather disgusting.
The boy is doing well. He woke me up at 6 am today. He was already a tiger. Not much more to say at this time about that...
I took him to the store with me last night to spend some alone time with him. He drove the truck-cart and was, of course, hilarious.
"You doin ok back there mom? I gotcha covered..."
"Thanks for taking me to the store, mom. You're so sweet..."
You're pretty sweet yourself bud.

Mabel's appointment yesterday was with the eye specialist. He dilated her eyes to get a good look behind them and said that structurally, they are perfect. That's good news.
He said she has 'delayed vision maturation,' and that sometimes he sees children who don't start truly seeing well until about one year of age.
Everyday we are seeing an improvement but she still isn't focusing as great as I'd like. I think our next (and final) step with her eyes is to have an MRI to make sure that everything in her brain is adding up with her eyes.
The physical therapists are coming in the next couple of days to evaluate her and show us some exercises to do with her to strengthen her little body. She is still very 'floppy' like a newborn. She still has the startle reflex at night and she still loves to be swaddled. She is just so little and is moving much slower than the redheads, and although I am FINE with that, I also want to be proactive in making sure that nothing else is going on. I feel like I'm doing everything I can to be an advocate for her and as the Dr's rule out medical reasons for her slower development, it reassures me that she is just Mabel and that is ok. She is incredibly healthy and happy and still the best baby.
She is out little Woo.
Most precious gift.
I am now under my goal weight and that is not from all my hard work.
Well, it may be from all my hard work (throwing up) but not technically from any hard work-outs.
If I can gain some strength back and work on toning, I wouldn't complain about staying right at this weight.

I realize I didn't update about Granny, but she is doing well! She moved into a little 'apartment' at the nursing home here in town so the kids and I have enjoyed being able to see her much more. It's nice having her nearby. I hope she knows that.

So overall, we're hangin in there. Lots of snow and alot of days spent cutting firewood. Daddy is loving his new job, the kids are well, the house is warm and we're all together.
Couldn't ask for anything more.

Posts coming up:
Questions about Prayer--answered.
Nora's first ice-skating experience.
Our book revealed for Bible Study/Book Club.

Stay tuned!!! Love you all.


brandy said...

SO glad you are all feeling better!!! Oh how sweet the pictures are of your family!! I love the one with all 5 of you laying down and the one with the girls in their tu tu's lol :) SO sweet!!!!

Jessica Kramasz said...

Sweet, precious Mabel. I hope she's just doing things at her own pace and in her own time. And I'm so glad there was nothing structurally wrong with her eyes.
The pictures of the kids are beautiful!

Natalie said...

Ramee - I love the first picture of you, Daniel & the kiddos. It's so sweet! Glad to head you are all feeling better.