Tuesday, February 1, 2011

blizzard nation.

It's freezing and a blizzard outside.
They're calling for snow thunder.
I had never heard of such a thing.
18-24" was the last amount I heard might fall.
The babies are double-jammied swinging in their swings.
Nora and Braden are cuddled under blankets.
Our toes are freezing.
There is no fire going. Not until daddy wakes up.
It's a cold one.
Stay warm wherever you are and think of us today.


Amanda said...

We're under it too in Missouri. All we've gotten so far is freezing rain...an inch of it :( Prayers for your family and mine that we stay warm and dry!

Sarah said...

I'm with ya! We are supposed to get hit with the winter storm too, only now they are calling it a blizzard and we are expected to get between 10-16 inches. Stay warm!

Kalli said...

Um, amen to the snow thunder. They called for it here, as well and it left me scratching my head. :) Stay warm!!

Anonymous said...

Same lovely weather here too. We're supposed to get hit hard now into tomorrow and the wind is terrible. It is SO cold.

Anonymous said...

Do you guys not have heat in your house? Other than a wood fire I mean? What in the world do you use for heat in the bedrooms? Oil heaters?