Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Valentines Day--a day of l.o.v.e.
This, my friends, is my valentine.
...and not just today but everyday. He's lovely.

Daddy sent us all flowers today. All the girls in the house, at least.
He's so thoughtful.
I got to sit around and look at some of the cutest babes today.
Well, everyday.
But you get the point.
I spent some time (and alot of money) ordering all new flooring and backdrops for my new 'studio' to be [hopefully] open by March! I'm excited and can't wait to reveal all the new props that I have!
We went to a Christian worship concert last night, thus the reason for no VLOG last night. I sent out a 'James Study' email this morning but everyone did not receive it.
We're going to try desperately to find a way to keep up with everyone involved, however with everything happening in my life lately I assumed that you understood.
Thanks for that.

It's much warmer out today and the ground is revealing the mud that has been buried for months. It's overwhelming yet so exciting.
Spring is near.
So near.
And I can tell.

There is a refreshing blowing in and it's springing up something new in me.
I cannot wait to open the studio, let friends in, and journey on through this season with excitement and zeal.
God is jealous for me.
And that alone makes me wake up and breathe easier.
More free.

I hope your love day was as full as mine.
It's a beautiful life.
A beautiful day indeed.

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