Sunday, February 6, 2011

sunday recap.

I know it's Sunday and I know we started the James study saying that we'd VLOG about the study on Sunday's each week. Although vlogging isn't a problem, getting it upload is.
But so you don't miss out on seeing me this week [bahaha] here I am an hour ago...
Now just pretend that Rachel is beside me and we are talking about James and how it is life-changing. Although I have gotten a little behind on the actual SOAP's, I still find time everyday to read the scripture and write you all an email, which is the best way to keep myself accountable than any other thing I have ever tried.
PS--sorry that you didn't get one on Friday.
We should be back on track tomorrow!!!

This week's scriptures are:
Monday: Chapter 1, Verses 19-20
Tuesday: Chapter 1, Verses 21
Wednesday: Chapter 1, Verses 22-24
Thursday: Chapter 1, Verses 25
Friday: Chapter 1, Verses 26-27
I'm also heading to our message board RIGHT NOW to update the calendar so you can check there as well! Oh, and how are you liking the board? I love to see some of you interacting but would love to see even more!!!
So go there now and reply to: What is the one thing that you have learned from this study so far that you hope to carry with you forever?
A specific scripture, the discipline of the SOAP method? A growing love for God?
Can't wait to hear!!!

Tomorrow is Mabel's MRI. She has to be sedated in order to have it, so please pray for her and for Daniel & I. We still won't have any clear answers until we meet with the neurologist on Friday but it finally feels like we are getting to the steps that will lead us in the right direction.
That is a good place for me.
Rachel will probably be sending out tomorrow's email for the Bible Study and I will try to write in the next day or two. Until then, I appreciate your love, prayers and support.
You guys truly bless my life!!!

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