Saturday, February 26, 2011

trials&triumph [with an update]

I try to always be aware of people around me.
I find, now more than ever, that I'm trying to understand (almost desperately) that we are all enduring our own trials and triumphs.
Mine is unique for this time, but I am not the only person experiencing deep pain, sadness, confusion, loss, or grief. I am but a drop in the sea of those who are.

Everyday triumphs that are beautiful to me are minimal to others who are experiencing life changing, mind altering circumstances.
It doesn't lessen or take away from our triumphs, but it helps to be aware that we are not the only people experiencing them.

I think it is vital that as a body, we all become aware of the struggles, trials, joys and triumphs of those around us. It enables us to pray for others as we need to and rejoice with them as well. And there is always a reason to celebrate when God does something so powerful and wonderful in someone else's life. We shouldn't be so closed off, or shut in, to ourselves that we miss it with everyone else.

I can see how it would be easy to become swallowed up by this thing that is now our new 'normal' with Mabel. I can see how it could consume my mind and sadness could overtake me. And there are those moments.
But I don't want them to last forever. I don't want to be here always. I just want to embrace those moments as they come, slowly and fully, and then move past them into one that is wonderful and remarkable and triumphant with her.

I could easily become so focused on Mabel and this situation that I miss out on wonderful joys that are happening all around me. My eyes could become closed to that which the Lord is doing in the lives of others that is so TREMENDOUS and powerful.
But my prayer (almost daily) has become,
"Lord, don't let that be me. Keep me here. Focused; and aware."

It can be such a dangerous place to turn so deeply inward. Healthy, yes. In a sense.
Even important every now and then.
But I just cant imagine staying there and missing out on everything around me that is so beautiful.

Our sweet cousins Steffani and Stevie have a rare genetic disorder called Sanfillipo Syndrome. If you have time, you should research it. It's a desperate, debilitating disorder that is not only sad to read about but hard to endure. In fact, I don't have words to describe it.
Steffani is in the final stages of this disease and her parents are praying that the Lord would come in and take her gently to Heaven swiftly, and peacefully.
Please pray for Steve and Val as they go through these next few days. For strength and anything else that the Lord leads you to pray for them. They are strong and graceful but as a parent, my heart is breaking for them in such deep ways.
This is someone else's trial & I want to be present to endure it with them through prayer.

My sweet friend, Tiffany, and her husband Jim are about to bring home their little boy, Jamesy, from Ethiopia. Their journey of adoption has been life changing for me to read about and be a part of. They are literally days away from having their family complete. Jamesy will soon be in his forever home with his parents and siblings.
This is a time of great celebration. God has orchestrated this journey for them so perfectly and their love for adoption is infectious. It has not only inspired me but changed my husband's heart about some things as well.
Please be in prayer for them as they plan to travel to Ethiopia and get their boy!
This is someone else's triumph and I am so thankful I am not caught up in my own sadness or place of defeat! I get to watch an extraordinary event take place and I am so so thankful!!!

I hope I'm making my point tonight, friends.
I had a rough day today and felt pretty overwhelmed. I let myself feel it but now I have taken a step back and am refocused. Because I love so many other people who have loved me in return and I will continue to reach out to them, pray for them and be there for them.
I hope in the midst of this journey I can hold onto that.
Because there are always trials.
And there are always triumphs.
But they aren't always our own.

UPDATE: Sometime this evening (probably close to when I was writing this post), the Lord took Steffani home to Heaven. Prayers for her parents and family are so greatly appreciated.

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Tiffany said...

Oh, Ramee~ You are a blessing. And I feel your trial my sweet friend, but I cannot wait to share in your triumph.

Praying for your cousins. Wow.