Wednesday, March 16, 2011

8 months.

Dear Mabel,
Happy 8 months, my love! I have never loved the way that I love you, Mabel. Your dark haired, quiet ways are beyond any that I have experienced. In 8 months, you have taught me lessons about myself that I wouldn't have learned otherwise.
I thought that your eyes would change and be dark. Everyday I look for speckles of green or brown to fill them, but when you look up at me all I see is deep blue. The kind of blue that is thoughtful and kind. The kind of blue that is mysterious and distant.
I have every desire to take care of you in the greatest of ways. I want to make sure that I do everything in my power to make you comfortable, beautiful and happy.
There are moments lately, however, that you cry because you have learned that you get alot of attention that way. And so I let you cry it out a little.
And eventually you stop and just sit. Because you're Mabel and you're so good.
You're growing everyday. Everyone is amazed at how big you're getting all of the sudden! You learned to reach for toys and your toes this month so it has been a huge milestone for us. I have never been more excited and proud. The progress you're making gives me hope that you will do great things, Mabel Audrine.
The Lord has a unique calling for you, my youngest love. I cannot wait to see what unfolds in your life as you continue to grow. I cherish every single minute with you and never have I felt such an urgency to remember every detail of everything.
You have brought me back to the kind of mother that I long to be; the intentional kind.
And I pray that I'm as good for you as you are to me.
Like water to my soul, Mabel.
I can't get enough of you to quench my thirst. You're just lovely.

I have loved you from the thought of you and I love you so much today.
On your eight month birthday, I pray that you would feel the warmth and hope that everyone around you desires for you. You're a special girl.
My precious gift.
Love you, baby...

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