Wednesday, March 30, 2011

back to normal.

Things at home are starting to fall into a normal pattern. The kids are feeling better and we're adjusting to each day-still inside due to the cold but closer to spring than ever.

Mabel had therapy and was so exhausted yesterday. She sat, unassisted but propped on her little hands, for 25 seconds! It was so neat to see. Although I see her body physically doing the task, I can still tell she isn't connecting to that which she's doing. It's encouraging nevertheless!

I have been taking the time to go back to pilates over the last couple weeks. For those of you who have followed me here on my weight loss journeys, I'd like to give you an official update. As of today, I am 110 pounds and finally at my pre-pregnancy weight. I feel great and am going to focus on and enjoy toning again. Braden beat up an older boy at McDonalds 2 nights ago and we had to leave. My boy is gonna sound like the villain here and I hate that but it is what it is. In one sense I am thankful that we are so diligent in teaching him that he cannot hit and be physical with ANYONE. I handled it and he was corrected. In another sense, if some kid who is older comes along and is teasing or bullying him, I don't want him to be afraid and back down. He should stand up for himself. However, at 3 I'm obviously teaching him that it was completely unacceptable to 'choke' that little boy--

no matter who hit who first.

Slightly comical. Yet not. Because I want the world to see him like I see him.

And that is full of a whole lot of love with just some ornery smeared in.
Harper's been sick for the last week. We aren't exactly sure what she has, so Rache is taking her to the doc today. She was caught sleeping and snugglin her Uncle Dan Dan this morning which melted our hearts. She is such a joy in our lives!
After my big cry, I have felt so much relief this week. One day at a time is how I am choosing to walk this journey although that is difficult. Mabel is going to be dedicated at church soon and I am so looking forward to the joy that will bring me.

I am choosing joy.

Avoiding sadness.

But accepting whatever I feel because the Lord gave me emotions and although I don't stand upon them, I am allowing myself to feel and experience them.

What I stand upon is the Word and the Word says that He is my rock. My fortress. My ever present help in time of need.

I believe that to be true and have such a peace.

So you see--things are back to 'normal' around here.

Therapy. Sick babies. A reading 4 year old. Bullying. Chaos.

Not the same normal but normal indeed!


ashley said...

So glad we have each other to lean on through all of this <3 You are an inspiration to me everyday! love you!

Unknown said...

Loved reading this today! It made me smile. =) I love Braden and his orneriness!!